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Friday, March 19, 2010

The Sun, The moon,The clouds,The trees , The lights and The Birds

Please note that All these photographs were taken by me..All of them are hundred percent Unaltered as in Untouched and UN-photoshopped. All of them are of low resolution .All of them are point and shoot.No sophisticated camera equipment and no manual lens focal length and brightness adjustment
Essentially all pictures are AU NATURALE...
Nature is so beautiful that all it takes is a point and shoot camera to capture the beauty.
All photos are copyrighted to Lecinqblog aka Dr. A aka me..Please do not use without prior written permission from me.
You are more than welcome to link to this blog entry though if you feel like sharing the photographs with your friends. 
Please feel free to leave url to your photostreams similar to the theme that these photos represent or remind you of.
cheers to all visitors..Please leave me comments here or @reply or DM or email me with responses or feedback

                                                     THE BIRDS IN CRIMSON

 Every single apartment that i have lived in has been near a water source>Be it a lake or bayou or some such.Needless,I get to see birds going back home each evening..and in  this picture you can see the sun starting to go towards the setting line and birds -two of them-if you look closely to the right half of the photograph
                                                         THE SIMPLE MOONGLOW

This is a very simple, very low resolution,picture of the pitch dark inky night with just the round moon.I have taken more beautiful more detailed pictures of the night sky , but I want all of you to just appreciate the simplicity of this picture.Just enjoy it and take it all in.

                                                 THE SUNBURST FROM CLOUDS
Again, Every single apartment  that I  have lived in has been a high altitude one.That kind of high altitude allows me magnificent views of the skies.There are ever changing cloud patterns..This particular one was taken by me at the exact instant when the clouds covered up the sun and gave rise to this sunburst appearance. The trees are a dark beautiful contrast.Feast to the eyes.
                                                                 RUBY SUNRISE
The sunrises and the Sunsets are the best ever views from my apartment.There is a varied pattern each time depending on humidity and clouds and lighting and moisture and what not..This one is called Ruby sunrise..Very surreal an yet very red and intense..strong one this pic.yeah?
                                                 THE DANCING NIGHT LIGHTS

Before my motor bike accidents wherein i broke my knee(kinda) I used to run everyday on a lakeshore.I would run till twilight and before i would leave each night after my run, I would stop by and take pictures of the lights reflected on the lake..Beautiful play of lights dontcha think?
                                                        THE SUNRISE EVERYDAY

This is the sunrise i get to watch each day..How lucky Am i ? (TOUCHWOOD)...Beautiful orange sun.I want to reach out and pluck it and eat it for breakfast
                                                         THE TWILIGHT TREE

I call this tree the Twilight tree.One evening , i was this view against a partially dark cloudy twilight sky.It looks lonely yet majestically strong standing there...inspiring and austere.
update:march 21 2010 :For all the peeps who already voted for their fav pic by @replying on twitter..Thank you .For all the others who are yet to tell me their fav pic, feel free to either @reply me or leave a comment right here under blog.I prefer @reply though.
The voting is still on,choose your favorite pic out of all the ones in this batch and tell me.
Please understand that this voting is just a social interaction exercise.Your choices will help me understand your personality better.That is all.


 Post note: I am a physician by profession but I do take up photo commission projects.Please email me if you want to commission my work in photography or painting or poetry or writing etc..Email is on the right of this page.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Leonardo Da Vinci

In my opinion he is a GOD..
Seriously,I adore him so much..One of my inspirations in life, besides others like MADAM CURIE, MAHATHMA GANDHI, BUDDHA and some other present day contemporaries who remind me of me

LEONARDO DA VINCI for one..was a great artist..
His paintings.. --breathtaking , beautiful , artistic ..yet very mathematically constructed, medically accurate too..
Leonardo da Vinci was also a mathematician
So many inventions are attributed to him.So many of his inventions were way ahead of his time.
His mechanical models , so accurate, so functional..( if you get Discovery channel on TV  in your country, please try and watch DOING DA VINCI-these guys are trying to reconstruct some of his older designs  which were luckily found in his NOTEBOOKS)

Leonardo da vinci was also an anatomy expert
When i see his drawings , I understand how much of a wealth of knowledge he was/is.
In my opinion, given how much of knowledge he had about the human body, he is also a physician

Leonardo da vinci was supposedly vegetarian.
Now I am secretly smiling to myself coz i am vegan.. These kind of humane lifechoices are made my people who take time to THINK..It takes a lot of thinking, for a human to understand that , meat is NOT a natural diet for humans.. coz we are not physically equipped to hunt like a tiger or a crocodile.

We are wimps..our fingernails suck..
If we smell freshblood,we puke..coz that is not what we are supposed to eat.
It might be so easy to pick  up -already bled and cleaned up meat pieces-off supermarket shelves,  but then..would you be able to eat raw meat? like bleeding raw meat? no?YEAH..i thought so!
So, to think that someone centuries ago, understood that principle that eating meat is UNNATURAL,  and made a life-choice to be a a great point of inspiration for me..

Leonardo da vinci was rumored to be homesexual..i have no idea how historians came to such a conclusion coz most historians speculate..They can only speculate.What they speculate could be false .....or TRUE..whatever!
I have no specific opinions on this issue..I am against sexual abuse of minors though, coz,minors  don't understand the gravity fo what is going on sexually with them.If you are the older person trapping a minor to do sexual things with you,you are totally to blame..So, yeah, lay off the minors,please!

But as far as homosexuality between two consenting adults who reallly really love each other.. I have no judgements.. Casual sex between two adults even if heterosexual is highly undesirable though..coz the kind of sex you can have when you  are really into another person is quite different from mindless sex you can have with a person you don't love.
so anyways..
Looks like Leonardo Da Vinci  was a very good looking man--Great body, great muscle defintion.good muscle mass..WHOA! I am like.dude ..what else do I want in a man..he is vegetarian.. he is a smart ass and he has a greek god body..
So, looks like i have a major crush on a historical character..excellent..LOL

Friday, March 5, 2010

Jay Leno is back on the Tonight show

Jay Leno has already hosted the Tonight show for 4 days now..after his come back
To be very absolutely clear..I never wanted him to ever go at all.
I do understand that NBC works on these decade long contracts and when such long contracts end..the network might think it too much of a risk to not try a new person..
But for me..The only Tonight show i have watched for the longest time was hosted by Jay Leno and he kept me laughing each night just before i went to sleep.He delivered each night..Just the right kind of class, the right kind of goofiness, the right kind of bloke making fun  of himself..the right kind of everything..
So, Jay Leno so fit that role that I for the longest time always referred to the Tonight show as the JAY LENO SHOW..How cute is that?
To read more about why i like Jay Leno..Go snoop around my archives .There a couple or more of entries on Jay Leno.
So, when Jay Leno comes back to host the Tonight show..I was like

The first day of the show was lukewarm and i was like.."Maybe the fact that everyone was persecuting him coz the channel wanted to kick Conan out and bring him back and he said yes...that probably kinda affected him or some thing..Hope he doesn't get less funnier!"

His interviewing style is classy..not pretentious ,mind you..just plain calm and classy..

So, by the second day, Leno was back to how he was prior to being replaced by Conan..
Back in funny as always and i laughed and laughed and felt very very happy.

So, yeah..Leno is back.. a bunch of Olympic goldmedalists were interviewed over the past 4 days...
Absolutely thoroughly enjoyed the stories  of the lady skiier talking about how her trainer husband who is a big support system to her and then the next day the snowboarder kid talks about how his mother actually left the Goldmedal at the drycleaners coz she felt the ribbon got too dirty and needed cleaning and about how he almost gave up snowboarding due to an injury till his mom pushed him back into it..great!

I woudl rather that we have more than just entertainers on these talk shows..The world primarily runs because of the various achievers in science, medicine, engineering etc etc..So, I think these other achievers in other fields, fields other than cinema or music must get their fair due time on the talk shows.i sure for one would gladly watch these shows if more smartie pants were interviewed each night.Will allow me to go to sleep with a sense of inspiration in my heart.

Haiti and Now, Chile--Earthquake disasters !

I always say this.
Natural disasters are the ultimate deciders.That is when the true majesty of Mother nature and how powerful she is and how small we are in comparison comes forth as a powerful point to be remembered with dread forever.

It was horrible when the NewYear started off with a massive 7.6(approximate no.) Earthquake In Haiti..Haiti of all places
I was looking at this webpage where as you sweep the slider button on the bottom of the page from right to left you can see the damage of the earthquake unravel from before to after of the satellite pictures of the aerial view of the city and buildings.
All roofs had collapsed.

So, suddenly all these entertainers start lending their name to collect funds.Everyone donated generously . I actually tweeted about how the fact that they could $10 million dollars with just 5$ donations at Redcross suddenly revived my belief in humanity.

The most important contribution was that of the rescue workers and doctors and paramedical workers actually went down to ground zero and did what needed to be done. They are the real heroes coz they are the ones that actually did the helping..Just plain ole money can't really achieve anything will it now? Money won't go pick people out of the rubble..It is real people that will pick those people of there.yeah?
There were some aftershocks too which made me extremely concerned for the safety of the rescue workers that were already in Haiti trying to help.It would be so UNFAIR if something happened to the people that deliberately landed up there just to help the quake victims.Not that ANYONE AT ALL dying in an earthquake or otherwise is ever fair..sigh.
Just as the whole world was trying to forget the earthquake and the massive funds that flowed in for help...boom comes another earthquake..This time in CHILE and this IS ONE OF WORLDS WORST EARTHQUAKES EVER.. An whopping 8.8 on the Richter scale..ARE YOU KIDDING ME?
 Yet.. people were all totally already emotionally drained reacting to an earthquake i guess..hmmmmmmm

So, When MOTHER NATURE ROARS, we the minions just meekly accept.

The 2009 Round up blog in Piece meal-My opinion about NY resolutions?

I made some NY resolutions..
My opinion about NY resolutions?
I see two different groups of people..One of those groups vehemently believes that you have to make resolutions coz that is what everyone else does and so they have to do it too ..
There is this other group which thinks that they should NOT have resolutions coz that is how you force yourself to stand out.. be being not what others do..
Both these attitudes are symbolic of a herd mentality nevertheless..You are still responding to a general trend.
To me.both these groups are in some way conforming to a public wave of behavior.
 I think , People should stop focussing on the general trend and focus on themselves.As a special unique entity with a special set of unique circumstances.
Like I already said, each of us is a unique set of variables.
We are all different.
So, if you want or feel the need to have a resolution, do have it.
If you don't, then don't.
If you want to have it and  then break it,sure , do it.
If you never had one but mid year you feel like having some NY resolutions, sure, do have them..
There are no rules.. just focus on yourself and make tailor made rules just for you,,yeah?
Be flexible in a clever way.

My NY resolutions-original and revamped -These are from my Twitter entries

  1. 2010 NY: Never judge anyone.Don't do impulsive stuff,Get up and take action,Meet deadlines,work real hard,Hope for the best!have a schedule! from web 
  1. Failed all NY resolutions:Never judge anyone.Don't B impulsive ,take action,Meet deadlines,work real hard,Hope for the best!have a schedule from web
  1. NY resolutions:Revamped: Make a schedule and stick to it,Calm down(my best friend's advice btw..LOL) ,drink enough water each day,sleep well from web
  1. NY resolutions:Revamped II: Finish learning guitar chords before vacating the apartment,Eat 3 good meals a day,get 9 hours of quality sleep! from web 
  1. NY resolutions:Revamped III:No matter how cold keep windows of the apartment open for an hour each day,listen 2 my fav music an hour a day from web

I made NY resolutions quite spontaneously while twittering .I had not been meaning to do it. but i did , on the spur of the moment while Tweeting,
And,well, they are really sensible ones.
I failed on all the resolution goals  by jan 5 th .LOL..But ,ya know what, I am getting better at them.
This is the same principle "43things" website runs on..Once you jot down and publicly make a resolution, you are more likely to back it up with action.
"43things" is one of my favorite websites of all times.It really helps with focusing on goals in a very unique manner.

These days, each time I see someone messing up, the old me starts to judge and get critical at why people are so thoughtless and how they lack self control and why they mess up,,But suddenly I remember the NY RESOLUTIONS and then I quickly tell myself, "Don't judge, You don't know their state of mind, you don't know their circumstances, don't judge, just let it go!"
and then I let it go and then i feel liberated just a lil bit more in my head.

The 2009 round up blog piece meal-Public events that happened in 2009?

Another update:
yesterday when i went to sleep i suddenly realized that i never ever mentioned "SWINE FLU" off all things in my "public events" category on the round up blog
God only knows how many people twittered non-stop for months just about Swine flu and nothing else.And ,
Here i am coming back only on feb 11,2010, having suddenly remembering that the "swine flu"topic totally slipped my mind when i made the round up blog for 2009.
btw..I think the scare of swine flu happened coz people died en masse in mexico..
where else but mexico can we expect a swine flu outbreak?after all they are the pig lard tortilla people..LOL
hmmmm.anyways..sometimes when the same thing gets bombarded to your head day after day,months on end, your mind shuts it out and you end up developing a resistance to start ignoring it..must like AUDITORY keep hearing a noise day in and day out>>your body and ear learns to kinda ignore that constant noise over that too much talk of swine flu kinda totally made me forget about it altogether after  a while, i guess.Hence the slip of memory while making a round up blo.
Funny how I forgot about them altogether when i first made this blog entry.I had to come back today on jan 21 2010 and update the blog.
The AirFrance flight crashed into the sea.Obviously no one survived. And the blackbox that was supposed to tell us what happened couldn't be found or was damaged beyond reclamation.Great. THE BLACKBOX..hmmm.
Anyways, The Iran election was big on Twitter.Funny how It totally slipped my mind when I made this Roundup blog.The election was believed to be an eyewash.Protests ensued.Govt. became a tyrant.Protestors got killed/kidnapped or abducted .hmmmm.sad ..
Michael jackson died. I remember all of us tweeting like hell about it ..A lot of people died of drug overdoses in 2009.. hmmmmmm.
Tiger woods of all people got caught cheating .. I have no idea how it is any of our business. But again, everyone tweeted like hell about it..
Avatar got released and everyone went ga ga ga over it..personally I think the movie is overrated.. If at all you are making an animated movie, I would presume you go overboard....But , naaaah! ..the woman character still has hemispherical boobs(normal woman have conical boobs, not hemispherical ones), the male character still goes around taming dragons like humans tame horses. and gee.. THAT is not what i call an original imagination. If at all you imagine..imagine outrageously,,why imagine only in terms of things you already know or have seen in real life? So, yeah, whatever.
The copenhagen summit happened very recently.It was heartening to watch the police just beat up people like that.. No one has a right to beat up anyone else, no matter what. plain and simple.I am glad, Obama did something and brought about atleast a tentative promise deal which states  that the actual countries responsible for so much of  pollution are the very ones that will fund cleaning up the pollution. Fair and square. yeah?Lets hope it gets better

Very significant events in life that happened in 2009?

In Nov of 2009, I bought my  first guitar. I am self learning Guitar now.
In 2001, while I was in med school, I had signed up for flute classes and i learned flute for a bit . This foray into Guitar reminded me of those flute learning days back then. Learning a new musical instrument-self learning at that, always allows you to open up a tiny window of your soul to the breezes and lets new winds blow in.A nice experience of self discovery and awakening your own soul.

I also met quite a few interesting people from quite a few countries from all around the world via TWITTER. Twitter was in  a way,exposing myself to the world and countries which I would otherwise have never gotten the  time to visit.
The quality of people on Twitter is quite to my satisfaction.
In my opinion >All smart professionals congregate on Twitter much more than any other social media networking site.Much  unlike ,say, Facebook or myspace or yahoo or msn or 43things or other such social media platforms.I have met more smarter people here than any other social media platform that i have given an honest try.
The average intelligence of people on Twitter is  much higher than even say LinkedIn social networking where interaction happens almost by area of expertise and profession.

I learned Portuguese from this kind lady on Twitter .She is a teacher from Portugal.Learning a new language from a native speaker is a great experience in itself, much like learning a musical instrument.
The Portuguese lessons had to stop though coz she was finding it too tough to make time for the elaborate lessons that she was giving me. But , us having attempted something like this, This online to and fro teaching and learning, was a great experience to be a part of .

I also had the good fortune of  being taught watercolor from a world class award winning watercolor artist.Again, we accidentally came across each other via Twitter thanks to me making a tweet about Watercolor technique.
This particular artist is From Australia  and he actually is my Godfather now.
He taught me watercolor basics.The 'basics' lessons  which when they come from a very talented artist  also have those tiny lil artist tricks and tips that an ordinary teacher wouldn't teach you.
He is a wonderful teacher and i am a very sincere student. And I am very thankful that i got this opportunity to interact with him on such a one-on-one basis. This is another reason why I don't really regret having signed up for Twitter .

So, yeah, Though i feel that i would have Focused more on my career based goals had I not gotten on Twitter, I am nevertheless very thankful for the experience.
I bought a guitar and  am still learning the basics, I learned a bit of  Portuguese, I learned watercolors>> all because of Twitter.
I met a lot of vegans on Twitter. Met a lot of environmentalists, writers, doctors, engineers and what not..Like I already said, It has been a social media year for me.. Met a lot of smart people..Felt more a part of society than ever before.

So, yes, 2009, was a big TWITTER YEAR for me.

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