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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Japan and earthquake proof building technology

Japan has frequent earthquakes but they have learned to live with themm..I am sure they have great building technology that takes care of the frequent earthquakes.
I do like their paper doors and windows though...LOL

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Sometimes i just wish i could do all the things i spread out and did in three years into 2005..whoa...the last three years looks like a sheer escapist waste of time to me.
A lot of people who went to college with me actually are married and have kids. and Me for one, didn't take time that seriously as i should have.Look at me, will be thirty in a couple of months and family.Not that i want to get married for a the heck of it...I am more productive when i am alone,,but that is besides the point.I foresaw in 2005 that i would feel like i have climbed a mountain by 2008 which i haven't...gosh,this sucks.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

About borrowing the positive energy

I know there is this theory going around, thanks to movies and psychology books, About how sometimes people borrow the positive energy from someone else and take it back home to their relationships ,and this positive energy is what they use to thrive their romantic relationship.
Examples would be of Men who are so turned on by their beautiful secretary..they take all the boost this lady gives to them by her presence around them at work and then are so happy due to that that they are rejuvenated in some strange way to actually give it to their wives at home and revive their marriage.I am not sure that such a scenario is healthy at all.It is not fair on this person from whom you are sucking out the positivity .
Sometimes women and men, both, spend hours talking and discussing things with "friends" of the opposite sex and then the positivity that comes out of such interaction,they take it back and thus make their romantic relationship lively.
I think that such a transfer of positivity is kinda ethically wrong..Because , well, i think that you are taking it from someone and don't give it back to them ..infact you take it from them and use them in some way to actually better your relationship with someone else.It would perhaps be right to give back the positivity to the same person you are taking something from..thus it would be a healthy give and take.I mean,if you need a third person to make you alive and rejuvenated, you might want to rethink this relationship with your official partner ...Maybe it is not great afterall.
I don't know.If i make someone happy and alive again and make them think and feel again, i would rather that they have the relationship with me and make me their official partner.I would really be annoyed if they take it all from me and go running to purge out that positivity on some other relationship.But, well, in which case, i think i would deliberately withhold exuding the positivity to this positivity stealer.They better fend for themselves and make their own lame ass relationships work all on their own.LOL .Sometimes these positivity stealers don't even know that someone else's positivity is what is making their lacklustre official relationships work.It is only when this third person deliberately withdraws generously doling out the positivity that the truth comes out.
Seriously.This is food for thought.If you feel that you are giving too much to a person who is not giving anything back and might perhaps just be using you for that positivity boost(they might be doing this subconsciously ofcourse,they might not even be aware that their other 'real' relationships heavily relies on the positivity transfer from this 'friendship' with this 'friend'), just stop giving them that positivity boost.Afterall, everyone deserves the reciprocation of positivity boost when they are doling it out.
this just made me think.Selfishness and calculativiness is a virtue for selfwelfare purposes.
Message to myself for today would be:

Monday, July 28, 2008

Can't you wait to do the tour till after you become the president?

Obama recently returned from the world tour..Ohhhh kay..In what capacity did he actually do the world tour is what i ask?
that was too premature ..I do understand that he anticipates he is going to be the next president..but does he not think it appropriate to wait till nov before he does his world tour?
This kinda premature world tour , I am sure , made people who voted for him over Hillary, want to rethink the whole thing.I am pretty sure, some of them would like to go back and have voted for Hillary..
Look what you did..You chose this guy,,who went on a victory tour before the victory is announced.I seriously think that Hillary was the best choice of the three.
Meanwhile..Though i often end up Obama bashing very much, I have to acknowledge that i happened to listen to him at the Chicago 'Q and A'session post his world tour.He sure said the right things and looks like he does have the perspective on things all right and right on the pulse.He gave the right answers..All i hope is that he seriously takes some real action and backs up those words.

I realize that i ramble too much-

Sometimes i just realize that i type in sentences right here without even editing them in my head and they look like they have come of a drunk person's stupor..gosh ! seriously..I do think that i should sit there breathe, think in my head, edit in my head and then formulate sentences in my head and then type into this new post box..what i usually do is, just type as i think and since i type real fast, typing it out is not a problem but i miss out typing some words and sometimes the spellings go off coz i type weird sometimes .hmmmmmm.
I need to edit before i post , just so that i don't come off as this demented idiot with spelling and language problems trying to type out a blog.

A tribute to Dr.Michael De bakey and to Dr.Randy Pausch

WEll, both of them have inspired me immensely and will continue to do so even after their death.

Both of them passed away this month of july.Hmmmmmm

Both of them were pioneers in their respective fields.Dr De Bakey in Cardiology and Dr.Pausch in computer Technology and simulation programming.

Dr. De Bakey died at the age of 99 of natural causes. ...a ripe old age ..but i would have really preferred that i had gotten a chance to have met him in person before he passed away. (I was this close to try doing that this nov..but hey ! what is not meant to be, is not meant to be.OH NO ! I mean..he is gone..i can never meet him in flesh and blood.He is gone. ! Oh gosh.)

He was responsible for most of modern day cardiological care and cardiac surgical procedures.He is definitely my inspiration.Absolutely ! I just hope that, one day, i have many surgical procedures deviced by me put to practice all over the world too.I hear that he was a true perfectionist and that he would fire people if they did mediocre jobs.I have to sheepishly admit that i am that way too.Not that i am emulating him , but I do think i am innately a prefectionist too and I too kinda have zero tolerance for mediocres to the extent that i get a headache each time i see a person who tries to not do their job that they are getting paid for.Come on, mediocre people, if you take up a job, do some justice to it..If you don't want to do it, don't take it up at all.If you are getting paid for it, please do the job properly.

Dr. Pausch on the other hand died far too young and far too prematurely due to regrettable circumstances.He died of metastatic complications of pancreatic cancer.He was an original in many ways.He is and will always be a jewel of Carnegie M U .

I happened to listen to his last lecture that was broadcast on youtube last september.That speech inspired me to no end .Esp the part where he described how he had to face a lot of resistance and the trials he went through before he could implemen the program he had in mind at the Univ.That story was truly inspiring.That tells me that every person that did anything different had to face the music.Eventually, still they went on doing it .

I by myself stand for what i rightly believe in and try real hard to do the things i come up with in my head. I have to admit that i myself come up with very original and revolutionary ideas ,ideas that have never ever been tried before or issues that have been never been approached the way i plan to approach them .Even if it means that i have to deal with social resistance and alienation and such, I feel this strange drive to persist in spite of a lot of tears and stress on my part.So i do see myself walking in their shoes in the future.I shall gear myself up for anything to come.

Therefore, to see fellow human beings, much older than me, that went the same path that i am now struggling to go on, and to know that they achieved success inspite of having ideas that were different from everyone else, around way back then in their time too, gives me solace and gives me the courage to continue trying real hard.

I salute these great souls.I shall carry on the spirit , the true spirit of sterling courage that you guys led your lives with.I promise.I hope i live up to your reputation and one day have people writing blogs about me too, saying how much my life inspired theirs.I shall try and pass on the legacy of hard word and conviction .I promise.I promise.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

About women eager to project a gender stereotyped image

I left a comment on Peggy's blog entry.
Here goes what i wrote there
I completely agree and amen to what rock doctor above said.The funny statement was how women might actually answer a questionnaire that way to make it look like they are more empathetic ..LOL
I would assume that many women pretend like they are sentimental coz they fear that that is what they are 'suppossed' to look like..There is a lot of fear of being judged if they don't look or come across as these delicate minded oh so goodie goodie emotionally percieving individuals..when in reality they might be as hard hearted as their male counterparts.HmmmAlso, it is this need to coform to a certain gender based image..that wants them to give up easily when learning skills associated with math where they see it not really that necessary for them to be good at math since women are not really good at math yeah, social conditioning and training play a part in the differences in performance in gender cliched subjects for sure.The more these stereotypical gender based expectations are eliminated , the more equal the performance calibre will be.
I think that women can be as less sentimental and as lazy and as slobby as men..but they they hide this true nature of theirs almost in fear .as if they were doing some kind of crime and therefore , inspite of what their real nature might be..they still feel this obligation to project this oh so delicate fearful shy personality that a woman is expected to be ..I think , everyone has the right to be themselves irrespective of their gender.Not that i support laziness or lack of responsiblity with house chores or taking care of the kids..but i would rather that people be themselves and then try and rectify their shortcomings rather than spend a lifetime pretending to be someone that society expects them to be out of the sole fact that they are a women and women are suppossed to be this way and that way and they are suppossed to suck at math and be highly emotionally intuitive.
I think men can be as emotionally intuitive and suck at math too.Women can rock at math and suck at child rearing.Everyone has a right to equally suck and excel at things, ya know !

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I don't quite get the English humor ..

well !
The english humor typical of all those supposedly comic tv series in Britain-Uk...well !!I don't get them...I find them too stale(I don't mean to offend any english people here ) but, hey,, I don't that kind of humor..seriously...It is a little tricky, a little obviously pronounced more leaning on slapstick ..I just don't like that humor..too heavy for my palate.
I agree that American humor borders on juvenile sex obsessed humor...but atleast it is lighter than British humor.
Australian humor,,,i find it outdated in some is almost like watching comedy series from the 1950's....Either ways..just had to mention it.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Venus Williams needs to understand that women are NOT the MINORITY

Venus williams gets on Larry King live and then gets asked the question about Obama..First all, i have no idea why, but every black person gets asked and is expected in some way to endorse Obama or vehemently oppose him just out of the novelty shock factor that one black person is not blindly supporting another black person.Since when has the presidential election become about skin color?Asking color based questions kind of over emphasizes and reiterates the fad that the the color of skin has to do with superiority or inferiority of a person's quality of character or personality.I do agree that social conditioning can shape a person's perception of things , but that is not skin color that does it.What does it is the environment people are brought up in..and most often than not, people who look similar by virtue of geographical location end up bundled up together in terms of behavioural pattern too.Ofcourse these days in America, skin colors of a certain shade prefer that they stay with their own kind and such-which i vehementaly am against..I think, there must be no cultural segregation.Anyways, now that i have digressed like crazy, let me come back to the topic on hand

Venus Williams gets asked about the presidential election and Obama..and she goes about saying this exact thing about how this time the presidential candidates were from minorities...and FOR ONE MOMENT, I was like.."Since when did women become Minorities?"
A minority is a group of people who are smaller in numbers than the majority..and the last time i checked..there were just as many females in the USA, as there are males..Infact, there is 54% of female demographic in the USA, which makes WOMEN THE MAJORITY..
I am not sure what she meant to say ..of if she even knew that women were not a minority...I am not even sure if she knew the meaning of the word minority or whatever...
Maybe she used the world but meant to mean something else..Whatever she meant to say..she said it all wrong...
Well..All the illegal immigrants who ran across the border, deliberately went ahead and conceived and gave birth to 10 children per couple, just so that they dont get deported due to the anchor a strategy...hmmmmm, but ofcourse , this issue of ANCHOR BABIES IS A WHOLE OTHER BLOG ENTRY .

Friday, July 11, 2008

The Telephone Eavesdropping law !

Eavesdropping is the nastiest habit.
Now that Bush has managed to pass a law where the telecom companies are going to allow the so called Authorities to eavesdrop without a warrant, This is soon going to be a lawless land.
Telephone conversations are private.Unless , the govt has a official warrant and already on the verge of arresting a person but are waiting for further confirmation, they have no right to even request a warrant and without a warrant just eavesdropping on someone's conversations and snooping on someone's emails without their permission or knowledge is a crime.
This law is soon going to get challenged in court.It better be.
Who the hell told Bush it is okay to do so ?
I mean, let us all just eavesdrop on his conversations..Is he going to be okay with that?
Absolutely not.
We all better sue the hell out of this law and get this law impeached.

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