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Saturday, May 31, 2008

How long does it take to understand someone?

How long does it take to truly understand that you have understood what needs to be understood to truly understand another person?
A year?
A lifetime?
Is it possible ever?

Thursday, May 29, 2008

I don't want Jay Leno to retire !

I am not sure if this is authentic news, but the news seems to be floating around that Jay leno would retire by 2009..
Hmmmmm.I mean, come on ! He has a few more years in him if not more.Why must he retire?
Though ofcourse i was more of a fan of the late show and the late late shows than his in the beginning when i started watching his shows...coz they seemed more sarcastic and less of soft comedy..But, over the past couple of years, the Jay leno show has managed to become my fav.It allows me to sleep earlier after a good laugh unlike before when it used to be too late into the night before i got my daily dose of chuckles prior to sleeping.
He is accused of NOT being hard on the people he interviews..But you know what? He is just right.He doesn't need to be abrasive to prove himself as a good talk show host.
BTW,His "jay walk of shame" kinda brings out to lightthe ever increasing ignorance of the average american .Each time i see both men and women with not an idea of our present political or economic or any other situation and they stand there giggling and giving very very very pathetic answers to simple questions which i would assume even a six year old would be able to answer if he or she would take the time to read a real newspaper .Somehow these very people are able to identify yet another hollywood entertainer(i refuse to use the term celebrity coz that term just doesn't make any sense)..Gosh !!
Anyways, coming back to Jay leno... He was also accused of writing his own material while all the writer's were on strike a while ago in hollywood..Wow..That made me respect him more..well..If he is the only that is capable of writing his own material and still capable of running a show even when the writer's are on strike..that means..well..he is the only one that deserves to keep his show..really !
Why exactly is he retiring?
Awwww, i need those chuckles before going to sleep each night.. come on..what am i doing to do after 2009?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Using a credit card means buying things with borrowed money

I am really against using a credit card and then not making a full payment at the end of each month.
That would essentially mean that you are spending money that is not yours.You are spending beyond your means.That means you are incurring debt.
By spending money that is borrowed and not making a full payment what you are essentially are doing is eventually not only spending that exact amount that you initially spent on what you were buying , but also end up paying interest .That interest money could very well end up being a lot by itself if you go on not making full payments each month and keep paying the minimum possible amount.Essentially, you are paying more for the same thing you could have bought for less had you used cash or a good debit card.Get my point?If in a year you spend 800 dollars in just interest..would that be good?
You could very well have bought something with that interest money.
Credit card by itself is all about 'Credit' and to me, CREDIT , is a nasty word..A word that involves living in indignity ..The indignity of spending more than you can really afford and of mismanagement of one's own finances and of an attempt to live a lifestyle that is quite unnecessary if you are not in a position to make a payment at the end of the day.
What is the solution?
Have a savings bank account.Have a debit card associated with it.That way you can only spend what you have..That way you don't end up in debt.
Also, please manage your finances before they get the better of you and take over your life and make it an impending hell.
More advice coming up in future blogs.
Feel free to leave comments

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Microsoft and the unsolicited bid and bid withdrawal

First off, NO one invited a quote from microsoft to yahoo..
I mean ,'officially atleast .
Or atleast 'allegedly officially' atleast !...

Yahoo alleges that this offer was unsolicted in the first place.
Secondly , microsoft goes ahead and underquotes...
Come on..Yahoo is a big deal and will continue to remain a big deal.
So,well!.You don't try and play dirty politics please.
Microsoft is constantly reaffirming the general accusations that it is a market shark and uses shark tactics to undermine potential competitors...

Hmmmmm...Now,, I am happy that the deal never went through !!
Absolutely ecstatic.

The microsoft people now go ahead and withdraw too ...What do they do next?Go play some more dirty politics..Pay up some media who can then overspeculate about how Yahoo's market share value fell after microsoft withdrew...Bull shite..Come on...

Yahoo is a great company..Innovative and all...If it didn't have some value you wouldn''t propose to buy it in the first place,Would you ?
Just coz you couldn''t buy them, it is not fair to do some mudslinging now .IT WAS AN UNSOLICITED UNDERQUOTED BID...GET OVER THE DIRTY SHARK TACTICS PLEASE.
Microsoft,, have some integrity ! Please ?One can only hope ,Ya know !

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Creativity can be such a healer

Creativity can be such a healer , isn't it?
There are so many broken lives with past happennings that can never be erased (unless the concept of the timemachine going into the past is really a feasible option).There are a thousand things that cannot be denied..the fact that they happenned to us and the fact that that very fact can never be erased...That truth and that knowledge of that fact, It hurts..It pains..It gnaws at you constantly.
Sometimes, a conscious effort to try and forget or mask it or bury it deep in our heads just in an effort to moven on, doesn't help.
But, Yet..we all need to do it..We need to bury those past mishaps and move on.
Just when each of us is struggling to do it..This act of putting it all behind and making a new beginning...It is amazing, How a simple act of creativity just erases the pain..It is a miracle.
It is amazing how you forget it all, as you get immersed in the song that you are singing or how in that moment of dancing around , it feels all light.
Just like that , creativity makes life livable again

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Obama talks but won't deliver

The presidential primaries ...Hmmmmm
I don't understand why it is being made into this contest of -black nominee and woman nominee..It should rather be just about who can deliver the goods at the end of the day irrespective of the color of their skin and irrespective of their gender.
It disheartens me very much that , Obama pretty much is perhaps the projected nominee...and I am not liking it at all
My gut instinct tells me that he won't deliver the goods
He is a sweet talker and it angers me each time when he just TALKS AT debates, thinking answering questions in debates is about saying the right thing or what he seemingly thinks is the right thing and all he talks is non technical and non specific sweet talk.
He is highly inexperienced and inequipped to acutally deal with and solve problems when it comes to it.
I feel sorry for this country, which is not even equipped enough to know the difference between yapping and actually providing technically sound non romantic solutions to the various problems plaguing the country.
Obama seems to know that by smiling around and saying some silly but pleasant sounding stuff, he can manouver his way to becoming the nominee and even a president...
But ,i mean..If a guy is not even determined enough to be able to give up smoking -an addicitive habit which even in his own words ,"smoking is a deal breaker" with his wife and still resorts to nicotine gum...I mean.It is so easy to yap , isn't it..But when it actually comes around to doing what you promised, you already know and don't care that you won't really deliver.
He is a bull shiter .
It distresses me that people care less for real actions or a real resume and all they care is a smile and some silly ass romantic sounding babble which might not be logically or technically sound but just is nice to hear to .. It makes me sad..The country is digging it's own grave.He will just make tall promises and i assure you that he will fall short in every single one of them.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

About this blog

This a ramble blog.
I am inclined to resort to rambling every now and then , if not , always.
Hence, this ramble blog
I can't promise to be consistent in my blogging habits.
I tend to go into pupa and cocoon mode every now and then and hence, the ramble blog, though is intended to be a daily ramble blog , might occasionally turn into a not-so-daily ramble blog
This blog is going to be mostly about my funny observations.
I can be quite funny if i decide that you deserve my funniness..LOL
This blog is also going to be the dump blog and will include all the blogs that won't fit in any of my other blogs.
Enjoy !

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