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Monday, May 25, 2009

The lady and Dr.House dream journal.This is weird and funny!

Okay,it has been a few hours since i woke up, and needless to say, the intricate details of this semi nightmare (note that it is not a nightmare at all, but the details are kinda weird) are all lost on me. I vaguely remember a few details but am mostly standing the danger to forget it all unless i make a note.Hence, this blog entry. 
               So, the dream starts with a lady (not me), wearing a doctor's white coat, entering this dimly lit room-A large one actually-with furniture like that of a large private lounge with a little elevated deck at the entrance followed by a little depressed island and such. So, yeah, This lady while still wearing the white coat and stethoscope around her neck walks in with what seems like a large pizza platter(the one that goes into a large pizza oven) and on it is a large pizza too. And she hurries in and almost forcibly, lays that large pizza plate on to the table right beside the entrance.NOTE THAT I AM JUST AN ONLOOKER IN THIS DREAM-I SEEM TO BE STANDING IN SOME DINGY CORNER OF THE ALREADY ILL-LIT ROOM AND JUST WATCHING THESE PROCEEDINGS. 
          Now, there are two other people standing in the central depressed island of this room and as this lady enters and throws that pizza plate on the table adjacent to her, she yells ," Here you go , Dr.House, Your pizza!" and suddenly , I see myself turning to my left and realizing that there is this figure sitting on a chair to my left and who else but Dr.House! Yeah, the actor who plays the doctor in Dr.House ! And now , he is silently smirking at the pizza. And the other two males standing in that room suddenly start protesting at how regressive it is for her to make pizza for Dr.House  and how she is reinforcing unfair gender expectations by actually making him a pizza while she herself is an equally accomplished doctor, a surgeon at that...LOL..
    All three of them just break into an argument while, surprisingly, Dr.House is just silent. They are practically bickering in fully detailed dialogues and all.THE DETAILS OF WHICH i HAVE FORGOTTEN , NOW!
          Amidst that argument, the lady kinda takes off her white coat and says something like, "see, I know I am a surgeon, I know I am not supposed to cook him food at the hospital at work and I know , he is supposed to know how to fend for himself, I know it is regressive to cook meals for someone else coz they are incapable of cooking, I know I should let him starve, But hey, He is paying me for making his meals and In addition to getting paid for being a surgeon here, why not make some extra money by making meals for Dr.House?After all, it is not like I am making it for free. " and then she proceeds to tell something to Dr. House, ", all your other meals are in the fridge if you want them" upon which , the other two and me , suddenly let out a shocked disapproving "Awwww, that is no good" All three of us are shocked that an accomplished lady surgeon is cooking meals for colleagues as a side business at work. LOL.
     NOW, NOW,these are the kind of dreams I am seeing these days. LOL. Maybe i must start cooking meals for ppl at work, maybe that is what this dream is all about. LOL

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The 'Meet the Parents-break my bubble' nightmare-Dream journal!

So, yeah, 3 hrs ago, i tweeted about the nasty quality of Nightmares I have been having lately.
The really bad part is , I have this fitful sleep because of the pathetic nighmare i am having and then i get up, there is this residual sick feeling in my head,  but then i forget the details of the dream altogether. 
" why is remembering the details of the dream /nightmare so important?", You might ask 
Well, for one, though i don't believe in the outrageous theories about dream interpretation proposed by Freud and others, I do admit that analyzing one's dreams and correlating the dreams with one's own real life incidents  is GREAT FUN. For want of a better pastime perhaps, but still, fun to just try and connect the dreams to what really happenned to me in my  life in the recent past, tconnected to that dream.
        The funnier part is, Each time in the morning when i can't seem to recall my previous night's nighmare, i make a mental note that the next time around (as if I am so sure i will get a nightmare the next time around!) I am going to try and remember the details of the dream.This resolve makes my next round of nightmare even more stressful coz While in my sleep , i am also stressing that i better remember it. LOL

The dream starts off with me taking this guy home , you know, I am 30yrs old in the dream, so, yeah, the timeline of the dream is NOW. So, looks like, I am taking my boyfriend or would-be- fiance'   home to meet my parents. Hence, the header of this blog entry, "meet the parents" .
        The interesting part of this dream is , I take him to meet my parents , to the home which my parents no longer live at . My parents now live in a whole other city. This old home though, holds the distinction of being the home that I spent almost all my teen years at .This home has large fruit trees all around, A great flower garden in the front and beautiful marble floors in the living room , kitchen and bathrooms. My dad actually got the marble laid after we purchased the house. So, there have been days during my teen years , when i would retire into my very large bathroom with its cold marble floor and lie down on the floor. YES , You read it right !  The bathroom was so big and dry and clean , you could like down on the floor and dream away.
             So, yeah, my parents  of course moved after my dad retired. So, of course, if NOW I take my fiance home to meet my parents, I would actually take him to a whole another house in a whole another city.So, why?, in this dream , I still took him to that old home, well! I don't know! I think I am subconsciously connected to that house still in a lot of emotional ways , perhaps!
          So, I take him home, and then the next part of the dream just rushes, we talk, we spend evenings discussing stuff with parents  and what not.There was this whole air of young couple discussing future plans with parents and what not. I don't remember those details of the dream even. Fastforward to the 'break my bubble' part of the dream.
          One late twilight evening, as the room started getting darker, ME and HIM, sit in this room , which was initially our guest room, which then later,I made it my room for a bit before i moved out of house to go to medschool in another state. So, both of us are sitting near the window in that room and suddenly a discussion ensues. He is telling me something akin to how i probably misunderstood his intentions and  probably how he is still not over his last gf. 
And then i start arguing with him, "But hey, you were the one that broke up with her, yeah?" 
He says, " no, she broke up with me "
 and I go, " what? But that is not what the media says!"(gosh,where did the media come from in a dream sequence!)
and I am starting to get all angry and almost about to cry in indignation
 and then he proceeds to explain it to me that , it was her who broke up with him coz he won't want to commit the way she wanted and that the media didn't know a thing and that he was still in love with her and that i misunderstood his attention as love and what not.. 
       By this juncture in the dream, i am semi awake and therefore am making a mental note that i must , must, must remember the details of this nightmare and blog about it.. This resolve kinda breaks my sleep and I am wide awake, 3:40 in the morning.. Duh ! I usually get up at 4:00 ..Damn, lost 20 precious minutes of good ole sleep,. Shikes !

Saturday, May 9, 2009

The concept of Mother's day gifts!

I was reading this page where all the tech mom's were stating what they would like for mother's day.Most of them seem to be wanting TECH BOOKS. It was truly refreshing to hear smart mom's talk .


I left a comment there and am gonna post a copy of my comment here

Here goes:

I find the concept of marketing kitchenware and oven mitts and knitting and sewing kits as ideal mother's day gifts very insulting.I think it is a subliminal way of putting the point across that that is what mothers are all about. It was refreshing to watch tech moms ask for what they would really like this mother's day.I personally would like the latest cardio stethoscope for myself,but hey, I have no kids as, well !

If you want to read the original article , here is the link



I just went back and read that page.It is a Technology books page offering 40% discount for all books on the occasion of mother's day..How nice and How NOT insulting!

Often times just around Mother's day there is a PROFUSION OF KITCHEN APPLIANCES DISCOUNT OFFERS.This,as a smart educated female PHYSICIAN...I find really really insulting...

I have no problem with great discounts on kitchen appliances at all.What I am insulted about is that such a discount  being offered around mother's day essentially labels WOMEN AS THE KITCHEN COOK AND NOTHING ELSE and cooking as the MOTHER'S JOB description.

Every damn person WHETHER MALE OR FEMALE must learn how to cook a meal.If they know how to eat, they all should know how to cook.

Again, every person WHETHER MALE OR FEMALE, must have a job outside of the home..ONe should NOT make one's BIOLOGY or Everyone else's DRUDGERY JOBS as their LIFE'S BUSINESS .Thrusting everyone else's DRUDGERY JOB DUTIES onto one single person especially the female of the family IS AGAINST HUMAN RIGHTs.

Every person must know how to cook their own meal, must cook their meal or participate in cooking in the family and every single person must do their own laundry and must learn to clean their own mess.Thus IT IS NOT A MOTHER'S JOB TO COOK AND CLEAN FOR EVERYONE'S ELSE.It is everyone's job to cook and clean.

Giving a mother a kitchen appliance or laundry appliance or cleaning appliance is RUBBING SALT INTO AN IMBALANCED HUMAN RELATIONSHIP DYNAMICS IN THE FAMILY.


You are trying to gift your mother because she as a FEMALE has the biological capacity to conceive, bear and allow a fetus to grow inside her body and in the process risk her own life and finally give birth to you and then proceed to breast feed you till you can eat solid food.Beyond that point, BOTH FATHER AND MOTHER are and should be EQUAL PARENTS.Both father and mother must cook meals for the kids, both father and mother must take care of the kids physically and emotionally.
So, giving your wife/mother  a kitchen appliance for MOTHER'S DAY is subliminally INSULTING.

btw, all the women NOT HAVING A JOB OUTSIDE of the house, sitting there at home doing everyone's drudgery jobs and then calling it the GREAT MOTHERHOOD>> Get a grip over the sorry state of your existence.
Doing someone else's menial jobs doesn't qualify as motherhood. Being there in their life to guide your children financially, intellectually and emotionally, all at once , on your own and the capability to be able to do that on your own even if the father bails(just in case) is WHAT COUNTS AS MOTHERHOOD.The same holds for GOOD FATHERHOOD.
Dear housewives, PLEASE DON'T PASS OFF YOUR ECONOMIC DESPERATION as some kind of sacrificial martyrdom of motherhood, coz, IT IS NOT.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mayan and Dravidian-Linguistics and Anthropology

Okay, first off, I hope my readers know about the theory of Pangaea
Pangea was the huge mass of land which included all continents when they were stuck together.This Pangaea then split and separated with the ocean forming a natural barrier between the split landmasses thus leading to continents. 
This theory is very important in Anthropology coz this explains how in each continent similar species managed to evolve especially since certain species don't have the capacity to cross over oceans eg, humans and elephants , crocodiles etc. 
Of course, since birds do migrate over oceans it might have been possible for certain species to have moved to another continent even after Pangaea split up , but then humans prolly migrated to various continents prior to when Pangaea split.Because we ofcourse are not able to physically swim across oceans without any aid and the Pangaea theory is the only one that can explain how similar humans exist in different continents though separated by large oceans which act as natural barriers for migration.
        Why am i babbling on and on about Pangaea?
See, I was watching this movie with Mayan dialogues(yes, you guessed it right, Apocalypto) and then suddenly realized that some words in Mayan are pronounced the same way and mean the same too as some words in Dravidian.
  For some of you not in the know,Dravidian languages are as old or even older than Mayan languages.Mayan is south American and partly north American as well, while Dravidian is south east Asian and south Asian in origin. For eg. The word kattu, means tie up both in Mayan and Dravidian origin language.Tamil being one of the oldest languages of the world which has a written grammar instruction booklet is a Dravidian language. Both Mayan and Tamil are still spoken by population groups in the world.only , the quality and the vocabulary differ quite a bit from what they were spoken centuries ago.
Also speaking of the similarity between Mayan and Dravidian languages, I also realized that there is physical similarities too. Both Mayan and Dravidian races-The pure races are of a bronze to dark skin toned short stumpy sturdy people with almost almond shaped eyes and dark hair and eye color. of course, due to mass migration, very few pure gened Dravidian or Mayans exist anymore, but then, yes, the pure races are also quite similar in some physical characteristics.
  Which is why i spoke of the Pangaea theory...prolly the same group of people migrated across land to reach south India or vice versa..Ya know.. Anything is possible. History is after all speculation and hypothesis which may or may not be true.

Friday, May 1, 2009

A small note to my twitter followers!

I accidentally blocked some of my newer twitter followers.It was by accident so Please forgive me. If you can leave a comment here under this blog entry giving your exact id on twitter if at all you were one of these followers that got accidentally blocked, I can then go search for that ID on twitter and then UNBLOCK YOU. At this point I don't recall all the IDs that i accidentally deleted and so am not able to unblock.Please cooperate and leave a comment here for me to rectify this problem.
since you are blocked on twitter, your messages may not reach me on twitter, which is why i ask you to leave a comment here on the blog.
love and hugs to all new readers.

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