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Monday, November 18, 2013


Here is a list of my top TEN most visited blogs on my not so daily ramble blog.
There are many more blog entries which are widely visited as well,but I am just keeping the list short and mentioning the top ten entries.
These are stats relevant to only the past year!
I write about #politics, #sociology and #linguistics #sociology #anthropology #dream_journals #life_stories  #human_rights #culture #countries  in my ramble blog.
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Saturday, November 16, 2013

A whopping sixty THOUSAND and eight hundred odd people have google PLUSEd my poetry and poise blog in two days!how?

In the past two days something CURIOUS has happened.
A whopping SIXTY thousand eight hundred and forty eight people have
google plused my
GOOGLE kept asking me to join google plus and I have NOT joined so far.
so,I really wonder how my blogs are actually visible on the google
plus network enabling people to GOOGLE PLUS them!
Is my poetry and poise blog being featured on google plus?
What is happening?
baffled,surprised and honored all at the same time.
thanks to all google plus members who have read,liked and google
plused various blog entries of mine!
I do write six different blogs,and you can read all of them here
I also tweet here
You can always say hi to me on twitter or email me even.
hugs and cheers to all readers.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Does BillMaher think that women NEED #obamacare EVEN MORE THAN MEN DO!


This Blog article(EXCEPT EXCERPTS) is creative property of Dr.A.R aka LecinQblog.This blog article originally was written for and is meant to appear on any one of the blogs in this list .If you find this blog article anywhere other than on BLOGSPOT,please visit my original blog,find my email address and email me with details of where else you read this blog entry.All my blogs are AD-free blogs AND I completely frown upon someone else trying to make money off my blogs without my prior written permission.



Does BillMaher think that women NEED #obamacare EVEN MORE THAN MEN DO!

I was browing through channels and suddenly heard the word obamacare.

So,I lifted my finger off the remote and paid attention.I stopped browsing and paid attention to what was being said..

It was CNN and it was #piersmorgantonight.PIERS morgan is a british guy.He is a british man who worked in GOSSIP JOURNALISM IN BRITAIN till he bagged PIERSMORGANTONIGHT.

When larry king retired,larrykinglive was replaced by piersmorgantonight.How and what qualified british born piersmorgan to be an apt replacement for larry king,I have no idea.

What is a british man doing being in CHARGE of the pulse of american journalistic effort?no one knows.

Why is a british guy who was formerly incharge of GOSSIP journalism in britain, thought to be an APT CANDIDATE to do the job of American social commentary"?I don't know.

Are there no americans who can do that job? surely,there possibly are capable americans to replace larry king in his job of commenting on american culture?


Anyways,coming back to PIERS morgan.

for the first few weeks of piersmorgantonight, funnily and much to my surpise,PIERSMORGAN seemed to be DOING a good job.Maybe it was a cleverly calculated ACT on his part,to establish himself in this new,coveted job in america.

BUT, soon,his old habits of GOSSIPMONGERING started emerging in his interview style.

old habits die hard.

what the fuck is a british journalist doing being in charge of american affairs?


Anyways,soon,I TOOK A DEEP DISLIKING TO piers morgan's style of interviewing due to the GOSSIPY NATURE of his interview style.

HONESTLY? americans are not like the british.They DON'T JOBLESSly,SHAMELESSLY,GOSSIP MONGER like the british do.


So, needless, within weeks of watching piers morgan go back to his original self of gossip monger,i STOPPED WATCHING PIERSMORGAN altogether.

It is only now, while browsing tv, after having avoided watching ANY TV about obamacare,I FINALLY figured,IT WAS TIME TO SEE WHAT EVERYONE WAS SAYING about obamacare.

This particular day,some guy,CALLED BILLMAHER,,was talking about the US GOVERMENT SHUTDOWN and about obamacare.

From the few things i heard him say,I could gather that he was in support of obamacare.

I could see that in his own chauvinistic way of argument,HE WAS ONLY TRYING TO SUPPORT OBAMACARE..

But,his TONGUE-IN-CHEEK statements in support of obamacare were far too CHAUVINISTIC AND PETTY TO BE IGNORED by me.

bill maher said something like, " women are smart in choosing and supporting obamacare because they know they are going to need those breast exams and contraception.but men,they don't need need that"

Here I am only paraphrasing of what he said.

Essentially,what he is INDIRECTLY IMPLYING by making that aforementioned statement,is that

women need obamacare more than men.and so,when men join into obamacare,they are only actually not paying for their own healthcare but infact by adding to the pool are indirectly paying for the healthcare of women.what the fuck!

needless,i watched only five more minutes of this interview..coz,with each sentence this guy was saying,my headache was intensified exponentially!

that was typical of what a "inbred southern white male who has a sense of UNJUSTIFIED entitlement for being both white and for being capable of urinating through a copulatory organ" might say.

I had to go look him up.

OH K,,,THIS GUY IS NOT A SOUTHERN WHITE MALE AT ALL..but newyork born and newjersey bred...?

oh yeah,newjersey bred religious childhoods can do the same to a male child.

According to his wikipedia article,Apparently,he BELIEVES IN GENDER EQUALITY AND has said some smart things in his political commentary shows?



But actions and words speak louder than the image he is trying to project,no?


let us review his statement once more,

Bill maher on piersmorgantonight:"now see women are smart,they know they are going to need to those breast exams and contraception,but men,they don't need those,so they,blah blah":

i phased out almost in the middle of that blabber.

maybe I OVER-READ into what he meant to say,but still!

This is just a milder form of chauvinistic close minded bullshit.

I,as a woman could say an EQUIVALENT closeminded telescopic statement too,which would then sound like what i HAVE TYPED OUT below:

me trying to talk like billmaher: "you see ,men are clever,they know they are prone to testicular cancer and prostate cancer..they know that as they age,they might need those testicular exams and prostate exams,so men are smart to choose obamacare,but see,women,they don't need those exams,so they may not feel they need obamacare"

I am 34 year female surgeon,I treat breast disorders,I treat testicular disorders as well and I think,both men and women deserve and need may not have breasts and ovaries and uterii,but women don't have testicles or prostate either.

But,both men and women are humans who are prone to a variety of illnesses and having proper insurance coverage that is affordable is key to a healthy outcome to any illness treatment plan.

so,yeah,men do get diseases, and they will need obamacare..MEN are not SUPERMEN who won't get any diseases.Infact,they rate highest in heart disease,lung cancer and liver yeah, MEN DO NEED OBAMACARE.

Speaking of OBAMACARE,I think,as a young female surgeon,I am a health provider and am part of the HEALTH delivery system and it is my moral responsiblity to weigh in on issues associated with health care.So,yeah,a couple of article on obamacare ,coming up soon in this very blog.keep reading this blog.


Wednesday, November 6, 2013



This Blog article(EXCEPT EXCERPTS) is creative property of Dr.A.R aka LecinQblog.This blog article originally was written for and is meant to appear on any one of the blogs in this list .If you find this blog article anywhere other than on BLOGSPOT,please visit my original blog,find my email address and email me with details of where else you read this blog entry.All my blogs are AD-free blogs AND I completely frown upon someone else trying to make money off my blogs without my prior written permission.



If you go read my blog,you will know that I am attempting to do a book review,life review series called 12days300pages...

BY THE THIRD DAY of that healing pathway plan,I STALLED..

i DECIDED that cleaning out my life's closet ALTOGETHER would be the right way to start with my HEALING PLAN.

Last year I purged out mr.u from my mind by writing the LETTERS TO MR.U series.

This year in october I set out to purge memories of MR.GREEN by writing purge blogs related to him.

I stopped midway coz the pain was too much-pain waves started hitting my mind as soon as I wrote the first few,I stalled it.

Then,I started writing the 12days300pages BLOG SERIES to REHAB MY MIND... but then, UNLESS I FINISH THE MR.GREEN PURGE BLOGS,i won't be able to FULLY TAKE BENEFIT OF THE 300PAGES of that book.

So here is a well organized healing plan that I have set out to accomplish.

1/dON'T HURRY IT,,if it takes more than 12 days, so be problem at all! slow and steady

2/first read all old emails between and u..

This took me more than a week to complete..BUT I AM HAPPY TO SAY,i am done with reading all of them much as I more reading of them...

3/write and complete them purge blogs-First ,write the sweet sappy romantic purge blogss and then write the angry rage filled ones..

The reason why I seek to write the sweet ones first and then the angry ones laters is because,almost always THE LATTER EMOTION is what overlays the former one and i definitely want to remember the shitty things he did to me...SO THAT I DON'T GET CARRIED AWAY INTO RELAPSE when i write all the sweetest things he told and did for me.

4/After completing all purge blogs about,write all other pending blogs too...get it all out of your system.

I have blog entries pending from as back as 2005,,ideas sitting and mulling in my head,blog requests by friends that i promised i will write and am yet to fulfil the promise,current affair blogs which if i don't write now will no longer be as relevant if I write later ,other purge blogs about other men and peole and incidents in my life,sweet lifestories,dreamblogs,supermarket stories,too much pending!

so,my next task will be to finish ALL PENDING BLOGS

5/ONCE all the above tasks are done,I am going to sit and see all pictures of once more..again and again, till i feel ,my mind has stopped responding to his pictures in any given way.

6/once I am done with everything,I will set out to read up all 300 pages, underlining and marking as I go.

then finally for 12days, it is going to be 12days300pages review series.

I AM 34 Years old...if i don't do this purge right now at this point of my life,MY WHOLE LIFE stands the danger of going waste.I HAVE TO MOVE FORWARD...and this is my way of trying to do it.

Tags: ramble,healing_plan,12days300pages, life_stories, life_plan ,emotional_rehab ,life_assessment

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