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Monday, June 29, 2009

Michael jackson died 3 days ago

First off, he dies at the age of 50, in this day and age of modern medicine, good cardiac drugs, great interventions available to prolong life and what not. There was no dearth of money.Though there was some news of bankruptcy I am sure he had enough to pay for good medications.
Second off, his children are only 12,11 and seven.The children whom he shielded from the media glare and public.They are orphaned now.Just doesn't feel right.I am sure the relatives will go in for a custody battle for the money they might get for being a guardian.I hope Michael wrote a sensible will , so that the children don't become the golden geese .
Thirdly , he got acquitted of the child molestation charges only recently and he was planning a come back tour-which got sold out already. I was hoping this was going to be his redemption.That redemption never happened.
About child molestation charges , All i know is, he got acquitted.I have no access to the trial transcripts, so i cannot comment on this issue except that he was acquitted by a court of law .
Most news about famous entertainers are always laced with many lies, out of sheer jealousy and out of sheer desperation on part of the gossip magazine hounds who have no source of income unless they take pictures of entertainers .The gossip magazines are able to sell because there is no dearth of common people who want to gossip about an entertainer and sometimes derive cheap pleasure when something bad or weird is happening to someone famous and rich.You stop buying trash magazines and these trash magazines will be out of business.But , oh no, you are so nosy and are seeking such an escape from the mess that is your own life, you seek gossip news .You like outrageous news and sometimes these gossip magazines spin that gossip for you , at the cost of distress to another human being.
If someone sings well, you pay them to sing for you.end of issue.If you feel they are getting too rich disproportionate to their talent, stop buying their music.end of matter. no need to encourage gossip magazines to hound them and make their life a living hell with no privacy and then derive some sick pleasure by knowing that though they have money they have no peace. People, you are the ones paying for them.If you don't want them to be rich, don't pay so much for their music.Stop buying their music.end of matter.
Anyways, that whole lecture was because, i think, the media and the media stories were responsible for Michael's death in a way. He has been performing since very young , first as the star of the jackson five and then solo. He has been in the media glare all these years. The gossip, the rumors take a toll on a person. They start drinking and taking drugs to escape the drama. and one day , at the age of 50 they die too soon.
Michael Jackson's music and musical style and voice and message through music were all about equality, human rights, love and childhood and good things.Those ideas and thoughts were all his own.His music managed to reach third world countries.His records spanned over decades.I grew up with his songs.
His pelvic thrust and genitalia grabbing may not be my favorite moves in dance, but his moon walk sure is one of my favorite moves.
My favorite song of his is, 'THEY DON'T REALLY CARE ABOUT US' and the video to that is My favorite music video ever. the brazilian drums, the crowd, michael dancing in all abandon amongst the crowd. I love that video..have you seen him dancing ? Now, that is natural talent. he dances from his soul.he also sang from his soul.. It was all real. That sincerity was what was able to touch people across countries.
Have you seen this other music video for his song CHILDHOOD? well, my favorite line form that song is
Each time i hear that line, I break into a sob these past few days.Michael is gone.Death is such a final decider , isn't it?
One other song that i like very much is, BLACK OR WHITE. The music video just like always, amazing. One face morphing into another face all through the song, black morphs into a white face, then into brown, then into yellow. Beautiful
One other favorite song of his which is my favorite is , MAN IN THE MIRROR. It is a very long song, but when you pay attention to the lyrics, you can understand why that song is my favorite. The essense of the song is, CHANGE STARTS AT HOME, IT STARTS WITH THE PERSON YOU SEE IN THE MIRROR.
I have no idea what the issue has been with his father, but making a very young child, perform night after night like it is the kid's job is atrocious, in my opinion. well, Michael never had a childhood . I hear that there was talk of how Michael's father abused him and yet, It makes me want to puke to hear his father talk to reporters outside of his home today, when the reporter asks him," I hear that you have been particularly close to michael these past few years" and the father says, " He is my son, I fed him, Ofcourse I am close him "
I am thinking in my head, "there is absolutely no necessity that every person that feeds another person automatically gets close to that person. A person is not a dog , ya know.Not that i am trying to demean a dog here by saying that all that dogs need is to be fed "
Anyways, what happened between him and his father , only both of them know. So, I am not going to speculate on this issue where Michael was possibly abused by his father.
Spookily, Michael's untimely death is being compared to Elvis's death which was also too early and also suspected to be a drug related heart attack.
Speaking of which, the indignity of an autopsy.
I am a physician and I know what happens during an autopsy.It is sad to die and then be subjected to an autopsy just coz you are so famous that it becomes mandatory to rule out foul play.
Also speaking of which, I heard the 911 call that was made to call for help being played over and over on TV , over and over again. Gosh, ridiculous.Me as a physician, with all due respect to GOOD paramedics have to still say that I am very skeptical about the medical skills of paramedics.Most of them do more harm than good during the few minutes from home to hospital. They just know some basics and do those procedures very blindly without taking into consideration many other possibilities that a doctor could possibly think of during that time of crisis.Yet, they somehow think they are good enough to manage an emergency on their own .Anyways, that is a whole other blog entry for my Ecology and Health blog.I digress.Yes, blame is a big part of dealing with death of near and dear.So, prolly, I am trying to blame the paramedics as a way to deal with Michael's death.Maybe the paramedics did their job.Speaking of which, Michael's relatives want a second autopsy.Dude , none of you relatives were close enough to have been near him during his death.Now, everyone is crowding around him like they care.Again, I am an outsider, so i must not comment.Who knows what happens inside families.
BTW, I also think it is very insensitive to play the autopsy report on TV.Seriously, why talk about his balding head, knee surgeries and what not.Why? The man is dead. leave him alone.This is cheapness to try and explore his body to see what surgeries he got done. I mean, what the fock! People are like vultures, aren't they?
Also, looks like a lot of people are discussing on various forums, about his skin which turned into super white over the years, how his nose got very very short and well his child molestation accusations.
If any of you remember ,well, there was a fire accident many many years ago,while he was performing on stage and he had to receive a skin transplant .After that is what started the white skin. Did they transplant a white person's skin onto him? I have no idea , coz, from what i can see, his whole body is white.A whole body skin transplant? His nose, sure, he got surgery done, but didn't that happen after the burn incident too? I have seen patients lose noses during burn accidents. So ,sure, nose could have been lost in that fire accident.I don't have the exact chronology of incidents, coz ya know, i was busy doing important things back then.
Medically, vitiligo doesn't classically appear that way his skin is/was these days. So, well, not vitiligo or is it? Medicine is vast, clinical variations are vast, can't comment at all.
About child molestations, there was this cancer patient kid, who was talking about how people are willing to treat an animal of another species aka a dog as their own family and yet are not able to treat a person of another race equally. A profound sentence indeed.And given Michael's song content in BLACK OR WHITE, I am sure , the young boy's words impressed him very much. No harm in inviting the children over to his home..
My only question is, what the fock were the parents doing? were they so starstruck that they forgot all chaperoning rules and left their young children to have a sleep over with an adult stranger? what the fockers? I want the parents to be tried in a court of law for utter negligence too.. and yet these parents shamelessly file a case and then get silent after getting some money. I mean, if really you cared only about your child, why go silent, why not fight it till the end? It was not about the child at all, was it now?Yet again, what happened between michael and those children, only they know. I am just a third party. I have no idea.
So yeah, I love Elvis's music. The best voice ever. The most beautiful face I have ever seen.He died before i was born, yet, Elvis's music is top on my playlist always. He died early.Had he lived, he prolly would have been 70 something, but come on, it would have been fun for me to go visit him in person. But no, he died. He left behind a child. The spooky part is, his only child was in a relationship with Michael jackson for a bit.They call it a fake relationship and well, gossip magazines will say anything,so , take it with a pinch of salt. hmmmm.. some karmic connection there. I don't believe in the concept of karma though. Anyways, Michael, the best musical talent ever. The content of his work, top quality. He died .. He just died too early. None of us were mentally prepared to deal with the sudden death.We were so ready to deal with him getting bankrupt and obscure and old, but not dead.
It is irritating to see the whole bunch of idiot entertainers come out and go ga ga over him now..I mean a few months ago, Vh1 was afraid to play his songs on their channel anymore, now they are blaring his music and paying homage. and all entertainers who wanted to play it safe and would say 'no comment' these past few years, suddenly come out and babble like frogs.After all , the man is dead, we can all safely babble now, that is what they think perhaps.
Only few entertainers had the courage to say they liked his music even when he was alive and caught up in all that controversy and only those people have the right to open their mouth and pay homage now.The rest of you, please shut up and move on.

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