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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Repeated premonitions about coming home to my kids !

Okay, Now , well all of us envision scenes from our future where we enact a desire of ours or what we anticipate might happen in the future .
Ya know, like when you are sixteen or seventeen, You kinda envision yourself in scrubs and treating patients (if you aim to become a doctor one day) , or envision yourself singing on stage with all your fans going crazy (if you want to become a musician ) or such and such. Yeah, some of us are lucky to have these premonitions come true ( I call them premonitions here with the assumption that these visualizations or dreams per say actually come true one day) ..Some of us move on and end up in different jobs than what we dreamed or envisioned ourself to end up in. all those kids, tons and tons of them wanting to be only astronauts, just plain ridiculous. LOL.
Now , now, the thing is, I am having these weird premonitions off late( i have no idea what else to call them though). So yeah, premonitions of me coming home in my blue scrubs ( I mean I am a doc but i rarely ever wear scrubs outside of the hospital. Infact it is unhygenic to wear scrubs outside of the hospital) and then calling out loudly to a living room lit with yellow lights( I hate yellow lights. I always make sure i fix up white lights ) and yeah I am calling out ,"where are my children?" (children? Not child? what? ) and a couple of children run out and hug me and wrap their arms around my legs. Now now, in this premonition I also notice that my husband is already happily at home ( what? Am i gonna get married to a guy who gets to spend more time with his kids than me ? I mean, that would make me jealous that i work all those leisurely evenings that they spend as a family unit together.awwww.that is a good thing though, alteast one parent is home or some such. but still !)
This is a weird premonition. First off, I don't think I will come home in my scrubs. Secondly, I am thirty now.. and the way things are going, I don't anticipate to get pregnant till around 37 . 37 is an okay time to get pregnant provided my body is good by then-ya know, not abused by alcohol or smoking or drugs. and well, I have never done or will do alcohol or smoking or drugs. that is for sure. so yeah, for me, 37 maybe an okay time to want to get pregnant. Sure. So yeah, the maximum I might end up would be A CHILD. not children.
So well, but listen, as a 37 year old, If i try IVF as a mode to get pregnant (incase I am not highly fertile like a 22 yr old would be) odds are that two of my ova might get fertilized and such. Most multiple pregnancies do occur due to IVF more than by mere chance. But yes, as a 37 year old. there are also natural chances for one single zygote to divide and then give rise to two fetuses.
The funny part is, yes, CHILDREN are possible by way of twins from a single pregnancy. The thing about my premonition though is that, these children that are running towards me are of different ages and different sexes. gosh.. damn..How is that possible? An improbable(impossible if I have a say in what happens in the future) thing to come true.
Moreover, I am a smart ass. A great doc. given that I am smarter than the average physician, it may not make sense in terms of relationship gratification if i don't have an equally smart ass partner and therefore I most prolly would be most satisfied if i could fervently discuss surgical procedures with an equally hot and equally smart surgeon and be able to giggle and discuss medical jokes .Ya know those jokes that only physicians in the know will understand and find funny. given that fact that my future husband would also be a busy surgeon (if I have a say in matters of the silly heart) , it just might not be logically possible that my husband is gonna be sitting in a yellow lit living room in the evening with the kids while I come back from work. yeah?
speaking of which, How sad is it that two smart surgeons eventually might have to leave behind their kids under the care and upbringing of a possibly not so smart caretaker. Not fair. I am just gonna make sure that i have my kids with me all the time even while i am working , speaking of which I am constantly making plans of bringing about laws that make it mandatory for employees to have in house creches for the kids of the employees. That way i can drop in there every two hours or so between work . gosh. whatever.
coming back to the hottie surgeon husband of mine,
But, but, again, well, that premonition might be true in some ways if the surgeon hottie husband of mine has had the day off after a previous night shift and well, if i had the day shift ending late in the evening.
But ,but, what about the yellow lights? Hmmmmmm...
Look at me, almost assuming that premonitions are gonna come true.
I have these visions from time to time.
For one, I can romanticize the whole thing and call these repeated visions as premonitions and cross my fingers and hope that they come true and such.
I can see it like a physician and diagnose that I have some kind fo repetitive obsessive disorder. possibly. But well, it cannot be obsessive as much as it is repetitive. It is not like I am getting some gratification out of these visions and it is not something like voluntarily putting myself to think that way so that i can gain some gratification. So probably this thought pattern is more of a plain repetitive kind. Or well maybe i have this subconscious desire to have children and a family that i could come back to each evening and have a great professional life too and which is why i get these visions and prolly I derive some subconscious gratification out of all this. So , well , it is obsessive after all.

speaking of all of this, At one point while I was in high school and just after that, I kept having these repeated premonitions of walking around in my white coat and treating patients and patients thanking me and all. By then I had already diversified into biochemistry and nutrition and there were bleak chances of me getting through into med school. Because ofcourse I was hardly even trying to get into med school. So , back then, I looked at those visions as an internal urge of mine that is coming out in the form of visions. I was like, " I am not actively trying to get into med school, I am already kinda branched out into nutrition and biochemistry and the works, so well, why am i really getting these visions" and I told myself the same story of the subconscious desires and then I had a major pity party for myself in front of my dad and mom. I was like, " i am gonna just end up going to be this silly lil non clinical person doing a mundane desk job and my life will pass me by " and then i started crying real loud in front of my dad . and My dad just stood there silently but he was kinda worried. LOL.No I mean, he just stood there , very worried and looking at me and then looking at the floor in pensive though.
Thank god I actually became a doctor and a good one at that and truly my patients love love me. So , yeah, that premonition came true alright. It actually came true but then after that crying episode, I went out and applied to med school and actually cooly got in too. Ya know.
So maybe these premonitions are just my inner cry for want of a family and kids and a husband and what not..I don't know. I am sick of all this. or Am I?

Entertainers - beggars of goodwill !

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I just sat there and was musing to myself at how much ,the life of entertainers and their livelihood is dependant on goodwill.

You see, If you are a doctor and you are a great one, even if you don't suck up to people, people need you, they will come to you , coz you do some real work, they need your work. I mean, If you are the best doctor around and only you can perform the surgery they need, they will come to you even if you don't give them complementary gifts and such.
Same with perhaps lawyers, If you need them , you need them, you need them for the work.

There are so many jobs in this world that are indispensible in a lot of ways. You know, the ones that do the real work, the work that cannot be done without.

Entertainment on the other hand is kind of like a luxury.

It is paid for by the people who make money by doing real work.

You see, If every single person in this world became an entertainer, who will then pay for all of them?

I mean, if no one in the world is making any money outside of entertainment,then There won't be any money at all!

We need a large majority of people to do real jobs,indispensible jobs and then make money and be ready to spend it on the entertainment industry.

Entertainment industry is not self-sustaining at all!

So , yes , entertainment is per say a luxury.

If it comes down to trimming all unnecessary expenses, entertainment will be the first one that will be trimmed out.After all,it is not absolutely necessary as a job category.

People can go without it . All people with real jobs doing real work,can cut down costs and just sing and dance at home entertaining themselves!

Which is exactly why, entertainers depend so much on general goodwill to run their enterprise.

Everything they do and say is an attempt to suck up to their target customers.

It is sad sometimes that entertainers' lives are reduced to constantly saying things they think will please their target customers .

I mean, atleast musicians have a personality.They can sometimes get away with saying what they think and actually mean.
and when i say MUSICIANS, i mean people who have the capacity to write their own lyrics and compose their own tunes and sing..
I DO NOT mean those doll-tools,WHO just sing and dance in heavy make up and underwear,singing something someone else wrote ,in a tune someone else composed ...and aRE just merely MEDIUMS OF EXECUTION of someone else's talent or ideas...Such DOLL-TOOLS are not real artists or musicians..they are just TOOLS!

Coming back to being able to speak your mind,what you really think,most entertainers can't afford to do so..they just keep putting up this fake PEOPLE-PLEASING-ACT!

Imagine those group of entertainers whose only claim to fame is the fact they serve as eye candy. They have no other talent to back them up .Such people are totally at the mercy of the audience and viewers .

Also, when such pretty eye candy entertainers get older, they have nothing in them left to market.

All this while they were selling their tight butts and tight boobs and six pack abs ,and nothing else of quality.Hawking their bodies!
Now that they have gotten older,the inner empty shell remains as is,while the outer body starts shriveling..and they have nothing left to sell!
Which explains the desperate attempts of older entertainers to look younger than they actually are.coz,they have got nothing else in them to sell ,nothing else in them to market or make money off of!

I personally think that most people are socially taught to have no respect or see no marketable value for their own personality (which btw eye candy entertainers might have none, since ofcourse it is not the personality they are able to market, they are marketing their body as an eye candy object). which is also why,people don't spend enough time to develop their own authentic unique honest personality.instead,they spend tons of time, GROOMING, to polish their outer shell!

It is a pity coz eye candy entertainers,even when constantly hounded by the papparazi , they really won't or can't object to the hounding, coz I mean, they fear losing their market to the next pretty thing. infact,they are making a living out of the mindless meaningless gossipy public's interest in their empty shell pretty bodies!

So,they express feeble protests, but mostly kinda encourage the hoopla, because you know, the hoopla is what is making them their money.

They have nothing in them except the fact that their face appeals to the shallow segment of dumb viewers. They are at the mercy of this silly segment of viewers.

The silly dumb people are paying for you.
So yeah, you can't express your protest.

What a pififul life in one way and what an easy life in another . Easy because, for the same amount of money or less, people are out there designing stuff,houses,bridges,robots,machines, phones, vaccines, genetic models , rockets . Ya know.

Just had to ramble.
Personally,I think that easy money is blood money.
useless money.
Such easy money DOESN'T ENRICH YOUR LIVES or make you feel happy and fulfiled,coz you already know that the money was ILL-EARNED!

I just hope that atleast the more talented entertainers(the ones that have more to offer other than just their eye candy bodies) choose to project their real personalities instead of feeling obligated that they have to suck up to the viewers to make some money. I hope.One can only hope.

Entertainers need to have the capacity to offer mental stimulation and life enrichment outside of the realm of providing an opportunity for viewers to ogle at their pretty bodies..
To me,Staring at pretty bodies or talking and gossiping about stupid public entertainers is the MOST BORING,most unrewarding exercise in my personal opinion.Staring for five minutes could be amusing,but more than five minutes,means,I get bored!

So,if I watch a movie or tv series,it needs to pique my intellectual mind,inspire my emotional mind and cause revolutions.It needs to tickle my creative mind as well...and i seek originality,not a bunch of botox clowns babbling away oft repeated stale lines!

I am sick and tired of "celebrity"gossip...stupid public entertainers cannot and should not be called CELEBRITIES...

people like
mother theresa
da vinci
all nobel prize winners
and MADAM CURIE(my favorite).

These are the people that need to be celebrated,the real celebrities.
Entertainers who are the BEGGARS of public goodwill,hardly qualify for the title of celebrity

Monday, March 30, 2009

obama sends more troops to afghanistan

I love Hillary . being secretary of state , she has done her job of the right assessment of the situation.
the tribal gun kings of afghanistan are the dangerous lethal combination of uneducated angry moron with a gun. These morons have somehow decided in their heads that killing people in the name of religion is okay. No religions teaches violence. killing anyone is bad. Anyways, the situation is delicate. these barbaric people somehow are of the view that islam is all about covering up your women in veils and depriving the rights of education and free will and then shooting up innocent strangers. Seriously, it just doesn't make sense. It is so wrong to allow your women to go to schools ,learn things, dress the way they want to . I mean, if Islam is a good religion it must teach the men to exercise self control when they see the faces of women. I mean, i would think that any cultured man should be able to not molest a woman just because she has hair or eyes. A good religion teaches a man to be decent.
Anyways, Obama has decided to send more troops there and make sure that the security situation is controlled there. Which is a good thing. He also told that paving way for development in afghanistan is also our responsibility because without development , all the troops really won't make a difference. So true. I mean, imagine how nice it would be , if all those tribal areas finally hve schools and hospitals and all those idle young boys who shoot guns coz they don't know what else to do will now go to school and learn art and math. How wonderful.
Surely, I would always say yes to schools anywhere in this world. Education is the path to bliss and happiness. I want all the afghan boys and girls to be to able to go to schools and learn great things and get to college and invent newer things, do great in science and music. My best wishes to the next generation of afghani children. I want you guys to learn and learn some more and please go to school. Bless you.My best wishes with the kids .

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

note to myself -Don't eat pancakes on bed

Old habits die hard. I might have struggled with crumbs on my bed the last time . I vowed that i won't eat chocolate on my bed coz the bed gets dirty , too dirty to cause me nightmares at night due to the dirt.
Now, another note ot myself

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Serving myself a humility pie--My 100th post

So yeah, this is my 100th post on The Not So Daily Ramble blog, I think I am gonna hit 100 on my poetry and poise blog in another 8 more entries.
Anways, I just sat there thinking and in my trepidation of stupidity and panic, It just dawned on me that I perhaps must serve myself a humble pie -A Humility pie if you will . I must eat it too. I need to eat it to keep my sanity and make progress.
Ya know, I was born with a sharp brain, Yes , I am intelligent, I grasp things real quick, I solve problems quite easily, I am good at art too. I have good handskills. I am ambidextrous. I am pretty blessed like that. Pretty lucky.\
But see , HERE COMES THE HUMILITY PIE, If i don't hone my analytical skills, If I don't work hard to sharpen my memory, If I don't invest time in solving problems knowing almost cockily that If I did invest time I will be able to do it in a jiffy, I will only end up achieving as much as anyone who has no brain at all.
You see, If i just sit there congratulating myself for how smart I am but never exhibiting it or using it, It is as bad or almost equal to someone who is not smart. It is like this. If I am a super fast runnner. Yes I run fast. But what if I never take the time to practice or to enroll myself in a race. What if I just sit there watching clouds and let the races go by. Someone else, who is less faster than me might win the race and prolly might start getting addressed as the fastest runner ever. You sit there watching saying to yourself "Hey! I can run faster than that" But ya know, unless you get up and go and exhibit your talent, you are nothing.
Similarly, I might be born with good genes which make me appear pretty . Great eyes, good body and such. But hey, If i don't take enough care of what i eat, when i eat, If i don't get enough sleep , then i end up with bad skin and black circles around my eyes. That is what happens. Then ofcourse there is no point getting angry at anyone for saying that i need to take care of myself and try and look better. I need to take care of what i have, the things that so many people don't have naturally and crave to have and therefore work hard to develop. If i don't I am worse than those that work hard to get the things they don't naturally possess.
Hard work matters, putting in effort matters, Putting in real effort matters. Or else, it all gets taken away.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Why I prefer studying at home than at the library?

You are thirty years old and you still study?
Well, for one, If you are a professional, You constantly need to update your knowledge database and for that you need to study up . you also need to study up and get your licenses renewed from time to time.

Anyways, One would think that the library is the best place to study. I would too , especially if my house were fully of noisy inconsiderate people. But well, I live alone, luckily so and out of my own choice.I love living alone. I can do whatever i want which btw really only amounts to cooking at odd hours, sleeping at odd hours, reading at odd hours, suddenly getting up in the middle of the night and watching tv etc etc.

Anways, I prefer studying in the calm confines of my own home as compared to the libary. The reason being the following bullet list

1/ I can study at home while lying down. I can lie down on the bed with my head hanging out precariously from the edge such that i can see the wall opposite in an upside manner.Then i proceed to slowly rattle out all the facts that i just recently memorized. A zen healing moment. Now, now , If i tried doing that in a library, I wouuld get kicked out for abuse of the library couch. LOL

2/ I like studying while eating. I sometimes have a bowl of something on my lap while i stare at my books and pore over them. Studying at home is also useful for getting up to make oneself a good lil snack amidst studying.

3/ One can study naked or minimally dressed at home. Now, now, I would create quite a scandalous faisco if i tried anything remotely that way in a library.

4/I like reading aloud. I would guess it probably has got to do with some deficiency is silent comprehension in my brain , as in there is some problem with the circuit that allows people to understand things just by look at printed matter. I learn faster when i hear or see things.So, i read aloud to myself. I sure can't do that in a library.

5/I like taking frequent bathroom breaks. The serious pace of studying makes me all excited and nervous sometimes and therefore i end up wanting to take frequent bathroom breaks . Works better if i can dart to the loo and back. If i tried darting around in the library, i would be detained.

6/Sometimes I like watching tv while studying. I know some of you might find the tv distracting but i like studying amidst the noise .Improves my concentration ,ironically.

7/ No distractions at home as much as i am likely to encounter at a library one time , when i sat at the library snack bar, some reporter comes over asking me about the weather and says the wants to take a piture to post on the newpaper. what? what the fockers..Ya know now what kind of unexpected distractions i am talking about here , dontcha?

Having said all this, If you have very nasty loud inconsiderate people at home -bad roommates or bad spouses or noisy children, the library always ends up looking like a better option

Gaunt Obama with black circles

Has anyone noticed this or is it only me?
Obama has suddenly started looking a but gaunt, haggardly tired and has black circles too.
Looks like the presidential office is sucking the last drop of sleep out of him.

First off, I have only been Hillary's supporter all through the campaign .
At that point, everyone was going ga ga over him coz , they thought that he will get into power and wipe off every lil trouble all on his own without any participation and hardwork from the citizens who for one are largely responsible for their own credit card debts and life crises. Yeah?

Now, He is in power and for the first time, I am actually impressed that someone is really trying hard to do something about everything that he promised he will do about. I see a sincerity and a wish to really make a difference.
Meanwhile, suddenly the citizens realize that he is asking them to pitch in, do a bit of the hardwork too to bring back this country to this past glory. This request to pitch in really just won't go down well with lazy irresponsible citizens, will it?
All they wanted was a magic pill where they will continue to not go to college, they will continue to shun science, they will continue to be drugged out and party like crazy, they will continue to purchase things they can't afford and yet somehow they want the president to single handedly make life a fairy tale for them.
To think that the popularity ratings are coming down, I mean, these ratings and these online votes and their countings are all biased and not standardized you see,
One must remember the these popularity polls are not foolproof either. Perhaps, all real smart people are out there doing actual things that might help the economy while the jobless losers are sitting at home doing nothing other than voting on these polls. You get it? how internet popularity contests can be so false?
Anyways, Hoping to see more good work from Obama. i am slowly drifting in his favor actually.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Never eat chocolate on bed--laundry stories

I think my sheets got dirty in the first place coz i kept eating snack while sitting on my bed.BTw, did my laundry . Atleast the sheets.
I have prolly a good 6 mega loads of laundry still to do which i may not attempt anytime soon.I might do a selective cycle of just my shorts and paper thin tshirts coz i need them which i have completely exhausted altogether.

So yeah, laundry, It is funny how so many men spend a whole lifetime not knowing how to do laundry.
I think, everyone who wears clothes must as a rule know how to do laundry.
You cannot just be a slave master asking someone else to do your menial jobs.Next thing we know, You might end up being selfishly parasitic, you might ask the female members of your family to wipe your butt too.

Speaking of which, I think , the female members of such families need to stop enabling selfish parasitism amongst the male members of their family. The men need to learn how to make their own meal.After all, they were only born alone on this earth. Nature intended them to be able to take care of their food needs.

Speaking of all this, I think most women end up doing all these menial jobs at their homes because they are financially dependant on their male partners and somehow see this housekeeping job as their way of paying back.These women need to understand that I have no idea what they are trying to pay their husbands back for? For the food and clothing? For the shelter? I mean, If you went out and worked , not only would you get paid with which you can buy all the above and still also end up with a great self esteem. Then ofcourse when you come back home, you can do your laundry, He can do his laundry. Both of you can make one dish each for dinner and have a respectful relationship.
Come on, just go outside and get a job, you will get far more pay that the food and clothing and shelter you get for cooking and washing.
Coming back to laundry,Everyone must do their own laundry. It is only fair.

yeah, I also don't like people who make housekeepers do their laundry and clean their toilets. If you shit, you better know how to clean that shit filled toilet too. Sorry, just had to say it . No amount of money compensates for the indignity of having to clean a toilet that someone else uses . Yes of course, if two of you share a toilet, you can clean the toilet in turns. That would be fair. But asking a complete stranger to clean your toilet is just not fair.

i have tons of moolah too, but making someone else wash your clothes is inhuman and akin to slavery.
Seriously ! Be responsible, Dont make others do your menial jobs.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

A clean bedsheet and some good laundry

Okay, I found four crisp sheets in the closet. I changed my sheets and pillowcases too.
I am gonna lay my pretty little cheek on that sheets and sleep away.
I soaked all the dirty sheets, which were like eight or nice, not including the pillowcases. I never got around to doing the laundry.
Hope they don't get all smelly due to oversoaking

A dirty coarse bedsheet and nightmares

I just realized the cause for my nightmares.
The sheets are too dirty, the sheets are coarse too.
I sleep in a prone position (face down on my belly) and the dirt touches me on my face while i slip into deep sleepy.
constant stimulation signals to the brain from local sensory receptors is not allowing my brain to go into deep sleep mode.
I need to change my sheet, STAT.
The problem here is I HAVEN'T DONE LAUNDRY FOR ALMOST THREE WEEKS.I have used sheet after sheet. This prolly was my last usable sheet(which explains why i used it inspite of it being coarse and all) .
Damn, I can't do laundry now. damn.What say?
Oh wait a min, I might have a couple of sheets somewhere there in the closet.Lemme look

okay why is google swallowing my entries

needing to enter each entry twice .
Thank god my short term and immediate memories are good enough and my frustration tolerance threshhold is kinda high.

Someone else writes Obama's speeches?

oooooh, so well, I recently read somewhere that Obama doesn't write his own speeches. The sad part is, I don't quire remember the name of this speech writer, Much like most of us don't care to learn the names of the screenplay writers of the various comedy TV shows. Most of us are under the illusion that these actors are the really funny ones. But ya know what, the screenplay writer is the funny person. The actors just say out the words that someone else wrote.
Anyways, Coming to think of it, It was too naive of me to have actually expected that obama himself sits there and thinks out the phrasing and meticulously writes those speeches.
whatever.So, yeah, If Obama is not the one that writes those eloquent speeches, Was George Bush also only merely reading out those goofy lil demented speeches that he is so going to be remembered forever?
Poor Bush and we were almost going to burn him alive on a stake for showcasing average American stupidity that way.
So, what was I saying?yeah, Well, Obama doesn't write his own speeches.

My blog roll entries are exactly 4 minutes apart

I just updated all five of my blog entries.
As you can see on the right, The other four of my blogs are there on the blog roll.
When you see the entries and the time at which they got updated, You can see that they are all four minutes apart.
That would mean that I am conjuring up a blog entry and typing it out and posting it every 4 min.
Yeah, And i don't even think of what i want to write about prior to signing in.
Speed of lightning in thought process is great while performing surgery, but come on. A blog all in four minutes?
So yeah, there are a lot of typos, a lot of spelling mistakes on each of my blog entries becauase geeee I am typing at the speed i am thinking and then posting it out like a crazy person.
My grammar appears like it is off too,but seriously, It is just the super lightning typing that is doing it. Trust me, I am really not dumb or anything.

Pre REM nightmares

They most prolly need be called daymares, coz the time i went to sleep was like 2 am or some such, one hour of tossing around, I can literally tell in my head , what waves are there in my EEG and slowly slipping into preREM and boom, I can see that something right in front of my bed is getting bigger.
I am telling myself, " what on earth. Why is this thing getting so bigger. It is growing..Oh, damn, something else is growing big in the kitchen too. what the .. "
And suddenly I am telling myself, " i will Fail, that is what going to happen. baaaah "
I get up from my PreREM all sweaty.

Friday, March 20, 2009

So much to do,so little time

Ya know what? It is not about so little time at all.
It is about me being focking lazy.
I am a lazy lazy girl.
yeah yeah, I know know I must probably scoff and around and say, "hey I am the doctor, i went to med school " but ya know what, I feel i haven't done anything time.
I seriously feel that i am damn lazy to the point of irreverence. gosh.pissed me off .
No , dreamer kinda lazy.
Even if I myself say so, I am good at so many other things other than just being a great physician. I am seriously going to repent it if this talent doesn't get exposed and put to use.
I am thirty, almost half my life over, Nothing has happenned so far. Seriously, what the fockers. won't I even try?
lazy girl I am .

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I am still waiting on EQUAL WORK EQUAL PAY

One of Obama's promise was "Equal work equal pay".
I was kinda untrusting of Obama for the longest time( as evident from my older blog entries here ), till ofcourse ,finally, he came up with this goal on his election agenda.
That is when I sat up and started paying attention to him
I am yet to see him do something solid in terms of ensuring "Equal pay for Equal work" happens.
Meanwhile, media reports that the public is unhappy with Obama.Well !! I think the public was under the imnpression that Obama will just miraculously come to each of their homes and personally get rid of their credit card debt and unmess them up all and feed them and clothe them while they laze around or some such.
Well, Now that he is asking everyone to pitch in, suddenly he is unpopular?
The americans are getting lazier. They just want to laze around and be irrepsonsible and expect him to singlehandedly just magically make it all right.
Deal with it. Unless you make your effort, it is not going to work. He is not god(I don't believe in God, I am AGNOSTIC).He is only gonna TRY. Deal with it.

Clueless Journalism, Michelle obama's prom date?

No seriously, who cares?
prom date?
michelle Obama's prom date?
No seriously,
are you kidding me?
Don't you have important serious news?
No seriously,
She is an accomplished lawyer and here you are going around finding out her old stupid prom dates and giving them media coverage for no apparent sensible reason.
get a grip.
Useless media

Monday, March 16, 2009

Loving Obama's Educational reforms

It is nice that good teachers are going to get incentives. that is what we need. Coz, teachers in todays's world are being so underpaid that all kinds of sex offenders become teachers. Gosh. Now that they start paying more, we will have more smarter people wanting to pursue teaching as their career.
Looks like the bad teachers are going to get rapped. I don't have an idea how that is going to work out really. Punishment for no performance will only demoralize. hmmm
Anyways, I see this other guy, gosh i forget his name, the former secretary of state, what is HIS NAME?
He goes all stern asking american children to PULL UP THEIR PANTS?
Seriously, I hope they don't go all regressive and start saying " let us cane the kids" gosh.
Yeah, he had a good point about how children in china and india are working longer hours. Yes i get that.Yeah, is the guy's name Colin powell(funny how proper nouns just slip my mind just like that) Yeah, he starts talking about how we need more working hours of school .hmmmm..don't quite like that. but yeah, i get his idea about how poor kids must have access to extra curricular activities and must be able to learn music and such during these hours. now yes, that is great.
I think , Teaching is a great job. I respect it. I am a physician today coz of some good teachers who really were great at teaching me science . I have had a few good teachers. They surely have made a change in my life. yes, i Love teachers. the good teachers.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Obama signs to lift ban on stem cell research

Okay, I saw him signing it on tv.
As a physician I see it as an advancement in the treatment of a lot of genetically transmitted congenital disorders.
As far as the ethics issue is concerned, NO COMMENTS.
The one thing i noticed while he was signing it , was that , he kinda looked like a kid with a lot of colored highlighters, using different colors for different words, slowly one after another.
It was a cute lil sight, He being left handed, he holds that pen ia peculiar posture much akin to how a lot of lefthanders do. and then he signs with pen after pen. wonder why he was using four different pens.
Different colors? what?

Monday, March 9, 2009

The disney channel generation and juno !

Okay, does art imitate life or does life imitate art?
Well, I have known a lot of kids who went onto to become doctors after having getting inspired by, yes , life does imitate art.
Also, yes, i have seen a lot of movies that are made from real life stories. So, yes, art imitates life too.
off late, I seem to observe that teenagers and youngsters are obsessed with celebrity and what not. NO real aims except trying to be cool . Their perception of cool seems to revolve around good clothes or the clothes that are deemed good on E news. I am pretty sure getting a great career or inventing something should also figure in being cool? No?
It is sad that a whole new generation of shallowness is being bred.
Disney channel is to blame.Of maybe inconsiderate apathetic parents complicate the issue further too.
For one, the common theme that pervades all teen tv series on disney is the prom and boyfriend.
They have series where teenagers as young as twelve are shown to be struggling with dating problems.Such tv shows potray to the impressionable mind that dating is something common and expected of early and preteens.
12-18 is not the time to go around fretting over dating problems.
Yes, this is the time to start learning about sexuality and such, that is not all .
It bothers me that by showing dating as normal for the 12-14 age group, the new breed of precocious preteens and early teens are being bred.Precociousness in terms of sexual experiences and such.
I mean, the pelvis is not fully grown or developed till the girls are atleast 18..So dontcha think it is abnormal to indulge in activities that may potentially lead to a pregnancy which might call for a strong and fully developed pelvis prior to the age of 18?
Yet, the teens are ending up watching disney channel and coming to the conclusion that getting pregnant at 14 is just so normal.
I mean, you are not financially independant till 21, not physically fully developed till atleast 18..So why do something that makes you an unfit parent prior to that?
Also, juno, this movie glorifies early teen pregnancy. It doesn't need to go right ahead and praise teen pregnancies. but then, by mere potrayal of such a thing where it is deemed as something common, teens take cue.
A group of teens in massachussetts promised to get pregnant together at some early teen age after watching this movie. And they chose street bums to father their children. gosh. seriously.
So I ask, does art imitate life or does life imitate art?
I think it is a bit of both.
By the way, all the disney stars themselves getting pregnant and having babies is just not helping either.
We can have better programs on disney . ya know. About science, careers, friendship, parent_teen_problems and such?

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Kissing being banned in UK train stations?

What exactly is happenning in the UK? 12 yr olds who look like 8years old are alleged to have fathered kids and now suddenly there is ban on kissing in trains stations?
Seriously, this is so regressive.
Yes ofcourse they could have a ban on obscene groping or sex in public restrooms but come on, a kiss is banned , why?
come on, seriously.
Either which way I am so happy now for the fact that i DON'T live in the UK.

MILK, and Sean penn and into the wild !

Sean penn, I think he is a great actor. Recall him from I AM SAM and ofcourse Dakota is another gem too.
I watched this movie called INTO THE WILD and was pleasantly surprised and impressed that it was Sean penn's baby..This guy writes great screenplays.
I am yet to watch MILK. Want to watch it .
Dead man walking, wasn't that another one where sean penn is in the movie? That one i found too slow , painfully slow.
Mystic river, another sean penn movie, but ofcourse , I don't quite recall if i watched it in whole. Have to watch it once more.
Sean penn looks like , kinda took liberties with the ending of the IN THE WILD movie while depicting the protagonist of the movie dying of food poisoning or some such , while ofcourse the book from which the movie was adapted had another ending altogether.
I am gonna do a review of this movie on my POETRY AND PROSE BLOG( look at my blogroll to go my other blogs).Laters peeps !Also, i am gonna get the book and read it up. Looks like a promising read.

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