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Friday, March 19, 2010

The Sun, The moon,The clouds,The trees , The lights and The Birds

Please note that All these photographs were taken by me..All of them are hundred percent Unaltered as in Untouched and UN-photoshopped. All of them are of low resolution .All of them are point and shoot.No sophisticated camera equipment and no manual lens focal length and brightness adjustment
Essentially all pictures are AU NATURALE...
Nature is so beautiful that all it takes is a point and shoot camera to capture the beauty.
All photos are copyrighted to Lecinqblog aka Dr. A aka me..Please do not use without prior written permission from me.
You are more than welcome to link to this blog entry though if you feel like sharing the photographs with your friends. 
Please feel free to leave url to your photostreams similar to the theme that these photos represent or remind you of.
cheers to all visitors..Please leave me comments here or @reply or DM or email me with responses or feedback

                                                     THE BIRDS IN CRIMSON

 Every single apartment that i have lived in has been near a water source>Be it a lake or bayou or some such.Needless,I get to see birds going back home each evening..and in  this picture you can see the sun starting to go towards the setting line and birds -two of them-if you look closely to the right half of the photograph
                                                         THE SIMPLE MOONGLOW

This is a very simple, very low resolution,picture of the pitch dark inky night with just the round moon.I have taken more beautiful more detailed pictures of the night sky , but I want all of you to just appreciate the simplicity of this picture.Just enjoy it and take it all in.

                                                 THE SUNBURST FROM CLOUDS
Again, Every single apartment  that I  have lived in has been a high altitude one.That kind of high altitude allows me magnificent views of the skies.There are ever changing cloud patterns..This particular one was taken by me at the exact instant when the clouds covered up the sun and gave rise to this sunburst appearance. The trees are a dark beautiful contrast.Feast to the eyes.
                                                                 RUBY SUNRISE
The sunrises and the Sunsets are the best ever views from my apartment.There is a varied pattern each time depending on humidity and clouds and lighting and moisture and what not..This one is called Ruby sunrise..Very surreal an yet very red and intense..strong one this pic.yeah?
                                                 THE DANCING NIGHT LIGHTS

Before my motor bike accidents wherein i broke my knee(kinda) I used to run everyday on a lakeshore.I would run till twilight and before i would leave each night after my run, I would stop by and take pictures of the lights reflected on the lake..Beautiful play of lights dontcha think?
                                                        THE SUNRISE EVERYDAY

This is the sunrise i get to watch each day..How lucky Am i ? (TOUCHWOOD)...Beautiful orange sun.I want to reach out and pluck it and eat it for breakfast
                                                         THE TWILIGHT TREE

I call this tree the Twilight tree.One evening , i was this view against a partially dark cloudy twilight sky.It looks lonely yet majestically strong standing there...inspiring and austere.
update:march 21 2010 :For all the peeps who already voted for their fav pic by @replying on twitter..Thank you .For all the others who are yet to tell me their fav pic, feel free to either @reply me or leave a comment right here under blog.I prefer @reply though.
The voting is still on,choose your favorite pic out of all the ones in this batch and tell me.
Please understand that this voting is just a social interaction exercise.Your choices will help me understand your personality better.That is all.


 Post note: I am a physician by profession but I do take up photo commission projects.Please email me if you want to commission my work in photography or painting or poetry or writing etc..Email is on the right of this page.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lecinqblog -

The text on these images is far longer than needs to be, and the placement is very distracting from the overall effect of the image :/

All works are automatically internationally copyrighted at their moment of creation, thanks to the Berne Convention of the late 1800's. If you are going to put a copyright notice on it, marking Copyright both in word and with symbol isn't helpful, although marking both the year of the copyright claim and your legal (or registered business) name can matter.

The label Photo Title is unnecessary - the larger font size and placement of the text should render it clear to a viewer which text is the title, vs which text is anything else.

There are all good photos. If they weren't, I wouldn't be taking the time to note that when there's so much text splattered across them, they cease to be good digital images.



heya platypus
Thank you so much for your valuable advice.
I do agree that the text splattered over those images mars the beauty of the scenery
Also, I do understand that adding the year on my Copyright would be nice and will make it more valid
But like you say..Every and all work is automatically copyrighted.
Technically I should not be needing to watermark anything with a copyright at all.
I do it more as an attempt in ,"pissing on my territory to mark it"
Hope you got what I said.
I also amuse myself with wanting to see how many peeps are able to ignore the text and yet see the beauty of the scenery .
You remember those Hallmark style greeting cards..where the SEASON'S GREETINGS is printed right over the beautiful picture?Just like that.

Nevertheless..your comment is much appreciated..Truly.
Big hugs and cheers.
Please keep more comments coming my way..I love interaction.

Anonymous said...

And yet, the Mona Lisa would not be the Mona Lisa if it said "Leonardo da Vinci" in big letters written across it in a high contrast paint.

I, for one, am glad that Mondrian did not piss on his territory to mark it - it would have dramatically affected the overall character of the work.

One artist to another, I am hopeful that your future photos will have the photo credit tucked away gently and unobtrusively in a corner :)


Heya platy,
ROFLMAO at "high contrast label"
LOL is the deal
1/There was no internet at the time of Leonardo Da vinci or Mogdliani or Mondrian..Plus the very brush strokes on a painting give it out if it is a Leonardo work..same for Mogdliani.
2/I have been a blogger for 10 years now and people have given me grief in the past by stealing my pictures without asking me first
3/Mona Lisa was a COMMISIONED work of art..ofcourse he would be kicked if he put a large dog label on the painting..LOL
4/Trust me..when people commision my works of art, be it photographs or paintings..I don't put labels on them
5/I won't promise you about the corner part of it..I shall continue to put it in the center but JUST TO PLEASE YOU ..i shall use low contrast from that good?
6/Btw..I am curious as to how you reached this blog post..from my twitter link?I am asking just so that,when the next time around i post a sketch or painting or photo, i can personally inform you and invite you to come see and tell me what you think

Either ways..I do understand what you are telling..but i am like

Big hugs and cheers.:)))

dhagan said...

That is sooooooo awsome i loved everyone of them.Especially the one that shows the sun streaming through the clouds.this is my favorite type of photography.You did great!! I can see you have a cornicopia of talents,gifts and abilities.You are truly amazing!! dave


heya dave
so, the sunburst is your fav pic?
Currently THE SUNBURST and THE TWILIGHT TREE are going neck to neck on the voting..
Thank you so much for the compliments ..much much appreciated..cheers.

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