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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Leonardo Da Vinci

In my opinion he is a GOD..
Seriously,I adore him so much..One of my inspirations in life, besides others like MADAM CURIE, MAHATHMA GANDHI, BUDDHA and some other present day contemporaries who remind me of me

LEONARDO DA VINCI for one..was a great artist..
His paintings.. --breathtaking , beautiful , artistic ..yet very mathematically constructed, medically accurate too..
Leonardo da Vinci was also a mathematician
So many inventions are attributed to him.So many of his inventions were way ahead of his time.
His mechanical models , so accurate, so functional..( if you get Discovery channel on TV  in your country, please try and watch DOING DA VINCI-these guys are trying to reconstruct some of his older designs  which were luckily found in his NOTEBOOKS)

Leonardo da vinci was also an anatomy expert
When i see his drawings , I understand how much of a wealth of knowledge he was/is.
In my opinion, given how much of knowledge he had about the human body, he is also a physician

Leonardo da vinci was supposedly vegetarian.
Now I am secretly smiling to myself coz i am vegan.. These kind of humane lifechoices are made my people who take time to THINK..It takes a lot of thinking, for a human to understand that , meat is NOT a natural diet for humans.. coz we are not physically equipped to hunt like a tiger or a crocodile.

We are wimps..our fingernails suck..
If we smell freshblood,we puke..coz that is not what we are supposed to eat.
It might be so easy to pick  up -already bled and cleaned up meat pieces-off supermarket shelves,  but then..would you be able to eat raw meat? like bleeding raw meat? no?YEAH..i thought so!
So, to think that someone centuries ago, understood that principle that eating meat is UNNATURAL,  and made a life-choice to be a a great point of inspiration for me..

Leonardo da vinci was rumored to be homesexual..i have no idea how historians came to such a conclusion coz most historians speculate..They can only speculate.What they speculate could be false .....or TRUE..whatever!
I have no specific opinions on this issue..I am against sexual abuse of minors though, coz,minors  don't understand the gravity fo what is going on sexually with them.If you are the older person trapping a minor to do sexual things with you,you are totally to blame..So, yeah, lay off the minors,please!

But as far as homosexuality between two consenting adults who reallly really love each other.. I have no judgements.. Casual sex between two adults even if heterosexual is highly undesirable though..coz the kind of sex you can have when you  are really into another person is quite different from mindless sex you can have with a person you don't love.
so anyways..
Looks like Leonardo Da Vinci  was a very good looking man--Great body, great muscle defintion.good muscle mass..WHOA! I am like.dude ..what else do I want in a man..he is vegetarian.. he is a smart ass and he has a greek god body..
So, looks like i have a major crush on a historical character..excellent..LOL

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