Tuesday, December 10, 2013

becoming 35,buddha's enlightenment,and deed done with a cut and color!

I became 35 years old very recently.
Buddha after having wandered around for almost ten years after leaving
home finally found enlightenment under a boddhi tree at the age of 35.
hmmm.so,35 is not TOO LATE an age to finally attain enlightenment I suppose.
buddha died at the age of eighty.
so,for the next forty five years he spread knowledge around the world.
So,having recently hit 35,there is MUCH HOPE FOR ME THEN?...to attain
englightenment AND THEN,spend the next forty FIVE years doing great
things LIKE HE DID?
also,a month ago,i COLORED MY HAIR for the first time.
well,because ,there were more than two HUNDRED grey hair amongst the
tens of thousands of hair on my head.
but yet,those hundreds of grey hair amidst my lush reddish brown mop
of hair, stuck out like sore thumbs.
I was this person who pnce vowed that she would NEVER COLOR her hair.
I figured that my hair would start greying maybe in my late forties
and then,it would suit my age and why color your hair at all if it
goes with your age,no?
little did i know that my hair would start greying so soon ,in my
early thirties...too soon,too quick...
too much stress i suppose
it is hereditary.
I think, my dad started greying in his early thirties as well
and he never has ever dyed his hair even once so far.
his hair is all thick and lush at the age of 66 now ..no male pattern
baldness at all.GOOD GENES...
I look lilke my dad a lot...and apparently, i have inherited his early
greying genes as well, amidst other things i have inherited from him.

thirty five is too young to walk around with grey hair as if it were
natural..coz,i have a great body of a seventeen year old and grey hair
at this point .contrasting and disconcerting

so,yeah,i colored my hair for the first time.
I used this locally available herb paste that not only removes your
dandruff but also simultaneously colors your hair red..Since my
natural hair color is REDDISH brown,i figured,those red colored
PREVIOUSLY grey hair won't stand out...but do shimmer oddly in
yeah,so yeah,anyways,the DEED IS DONE.my first ever hair color
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