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Friday, August 8, 2008

Absolutely breathtaking Opening ceremony of Beijing olympics 2008

Photo credit: Alexander Hassenstein/Bongarts/Getty Images
photo url:

Just as i type this in, I am watching the opening ceremony for beijing olympics 2008.
It is so breathtaking, awe inspiring ,and wonderful.This ceremony is such a positivity boost.I will remember this ceremony for years to come.I am glad i got to watch it.

Before i go on describing minute by minute of what already happenned so far and go , ga ga ga and some more ga about how spectacular it all is, I just have to mention that President Bush did the right thing to go there and attend the opening ceremony amidst all the animonsity.Yeah, yeah , i know , i bash a lot of people who are in the political scene on over at this blog of mine, and I also have strong opinions about the China and Tibet issue, but i still think boycotting olympics for that cause would sure have been a bad idea coz Olympics is about the indomitable human spirit.

So, yeah, it was so endearing to see Bush and his wife out there to extend their cheers to the American team..It was so endearing indeed.

Now, let me start all gushing about the ceremony itself.

Bird's nest Stadium

Firstly about the stadium , It looked so so spectacular in the night(It is night or late evening in China at this point) ,There were millions of glowy lights(red, green and blue) in the viewer stands-looks like the organizers gave shiny light sets too all audience to show off in the dark and during the light show..Absolutely wonderful, It was like the dark sky on a starry night.Very soothing and shiny..Very nice

Photo credit: Xinhua
photo url:

Light show

The creative team did a great great job of the light show.Very nice..The best part was when the bird's nest stadium was created by human light costume wearing performers inside the center of the arena of the stadium.It was truly spectacular and for a couple of seconds i was watching with an open gaping mouth.

"spot the camera please !" ,Foot prints and flag colors,shy flag bearers,parading atheletes, beautiful women athelets, waving dignitaries and what not

This time at the parade, Countries entered not by English alpahbetical order , but by the ascending number of strokes in chinese script in the first letter of the country's name .

here is the deal, right !The atheletes from each country are led by a chinese lady in traditional red chinese costume(which were nice btw) bearing the countries name and then follows the flag bearer who holds a larrge flag pole and leads all atheletes from that particular country . The atheletes inturn are holding small lil flags frantically waving them at the viewers in so much happiness and pride..Some of them are holding cameras taking pictures of the viewers as they walk on.Btw, the viewers are taking pictures of the atheletes who are inturn taking pictures of the viewers taking their pictures..It was cute and hilarious.They were also taking videos of fellow athelets .

As they walk, they get to see a large screen where the parade is covered from a strategically placed camera.Now , there are dignitaries and officials from each country sitting in the stadium stands .The thing is , the viewers are to the right side of the athelete parade.The large screen is in front of the parade.The camera from which the images are projected on to the large screen is placed at around forty five degree from the large screen.EAch time the team from a particular country enters, their feet are wet with the colors of various flag colors.Creative , dontcha think?Now they start walking on and as they walk on , this camera captures images and projects them on the large screen right in front of the on-moving parade.BTw, the large screen actually a 360 degree screen which I figured out when the olympic torch lighting happenned.

As these atheletes from each country walk in , the camera kinda focuses on a few atheletes, and then focuses on the stadium stands to the corresponding dignitaries from that country too.This camera pointing to the dignitaries almost served as a cue(though perhaps was not preplanned or intended in any way) for the dignitaries to actually get up coz they see themselves being focused on the big screen..So, the dignitaries as soon as they see themselves focused get up and start waving at their team,and i truly believe it that just such a cheerful wave by the dignitaries though is a seemingly simple gesture, to their atheletes is very encouraging.BTw, the waving dignitaries almost reminded me of proud parents waving at the their children who are coming back from summer camp

BTW, I know this is going to sound loopy, but i still have to confess that though i neither belonged to the athelete team nor was i in the dignitary team, i still was so moved and excited at all the waving that was going on , that i was actally waving at the tv screen each time either the atheletes and the dignitaries and the viewers waved..
Photo credit: Cheng Gong
photo url:
The excitement and inspiration was so palpable, that, for some reason, i felt proud of all atheletes irrespective of their country .

I mean, i would really be very nervous and all, if i were an athelete and i have a life changing competition to participate in in the coming few days..but suprisingly, the atheletes were so cheerful , so smiling,, all smiles infact, just very excited and not a least bit nervous.

Ofcourse, some flag bearers when they saw themselves being focused on the large screen were quite shy and were very self conscious, but most atheletes as soon as they saw themselves on the screen and figured that the camera was focusing on them from somewhere on their right side immediately turn their heads almost 90 degrees in an attempt to look directly at the camera and smile and wave..But the funny part was that they really didn't know where the focus camera was since it was at a 45 degree angle..The atheletes would then look at the screen from the corner of their eye and would realize that the camera is not where they are trying to look at.It was quite funny that pretty much all teams(except the chinese team) pretty much did the same.Kept searching for the camera..LOL.They could not quite figure out where the large screen's camera was located though.

The camera person kinda had a partiality for dimpled atheletes and ofcourse all pretty ladies were focused too...which i have to admit constituted hundred percent of all women atheletes from all countries.I am very very very proud of all atheletes coz i believe that i really relate to a strong hardworking human spirit and people who have qualified to come to the olympics just by virtue of being there have made it into my inspiration list ..

I mean there were 200 plus countries ,is it 205 or 250? There were 10,500 or 10.050 atheletes out there who imprinted the stadium with colored footprints..

The fireworks were amazing, the ethnic costumes were very amazing and i got to see teams from countries i didnt quite know existed.All atheletes were very very cute looking, afterall they are the fastest , strongest and tallest, aren't they?

I think China did a real good job of the whole ceremony and the idea of the foot prints and light show were truly unique and creative ..Come on, china inspite of all odds ,is the country where they invented the water wheel , paper and explosives ...They are very creative people..Absolutely agree that they did a wonderful job.

Btw, now that i openly admitted that i waved at atheletes on a tv screen and cried many a time while watching the ceremony, you surely must have come to a conclusion that i am a lil loopy.Well, I am not,,I am just emotional and true things move me and i am not afraid to let the emotion show..I am thrilled that i could make time to sit here like this infront of the tv and watch the opening ceremony .There are some of life's things that i consider as perks and to be able to be moved this by watching an opening ceremony is definitely one of life'e perks. Photo credit: Cameron Spencer/Getty Images
photo url:
I salute the truly powerful human spirit which aspires to get better and better.It is also a relief to see strong powerful women , all beautiful and exuding power and strength ...I am truly proud of these women.Btw,, they were so so beautiful that it kinda buries in the ground the misconception that pretty women just sit there and do don't,,the truly pretty women become olympic atheletes and doctors(he he he-just had to insert that)There is a peculiar charm that a face exudes when it feels a deep sense of self worth and i could see that charm on each of the faces of these atheletes.

All i can say about the ceremony is that I COULD FEEL IT..whatever it was that i had to feel..just as i type this , i hear about EXCELLENCE , RESPECT AND FRIENDSHIP and i proudly admit that i can feel all of these..It is so palapable in the air..though i am not sitting there in the stadium, i can feel it from just watching it on TV...

Suddenly , the world looks like a beautiful place afterall and all its faults are momentarily forgotten and forgiven by me.I watch with awe as thousands of flashes go off randomly from the stadium stands as the olympic flag is brought in.

It was breathtaking when there was a loud roar when USA entered in during the parade and I must admit that Bush did a good job of cheering the team..I could see that he truly was proud of the country..He is a patriot ..definitely ! And for one moment, i wanted to ask people to stop bashing him and holding him responsible for all their credit card debt..Seriously!!just coz he is getting bashed for something that went utterly bad ,, a lot of other are bashing him for everthing that is bad about their lives..Come on,,he never asked you get pregnant as a teenager , not did he ask you not to go to college..True..he could have done better, but give him a break.

Speaking of shedding tears..I think it also has to go with the nostalgia associated with olympic ceremonies...our family has had the habit of watching the ceremony each time. I clearly remember sitting on the floor as a kid and watching all the atheletes as they waved in the olympic parade..Yeah,,i used to be so engrossed in it that slowly i would inch my way nearer and nearer towards the screen and suddenly would be reprimanded by my mom to not go so near the screen.

Going on a tangent thought process here, I always talk about how animals are almost our equals and therefore how it is not right to eat them up that way or to not right to have them as pets...But seeing the olympics, i suddenly think to myself,"The animals don't have olympics do they? Perhaps that is precisely what seperates us from the animals..the olympics..LOL"

Btw, speaking of female atheletes, If i am not wrong, a 34 year old female swimmer is part of the USA team and she had won medals in two previous olympics as well, and this time after getting married to a doctor and giving birth to a daughter she is back to get her next medal..Looks like she broke her previous records.It was inspiring to watch her interview on Jay leno.Yay to male doctors who marry wonderful women atheletes and yay to women atheletes competing again in the olympics after having a child..Wonderful and inspiring.

The Chinese people-Btw..I want to say HI ! all chinese people...You guys take a lot of oppression each day of your lives and yet have such a wonderfully creative spirit...It was heartening to see all the chinese citizens sitting there making the flying dove gesture and i saw many of them shedding a tear while still smiling with a child like glee..I actually cried with them..I feel ya guys..I do .

When you see the best of the best from all countries and join and amalgamate this way..the world truly feels like one..We are all one in the way we react when we go on the spotlight on the large screen and when we all try to spot the camera,aren't we?cute..We truly are all one.We yearn for recognition, we yearn for excellence and we do yearn for love.

I have no idea why i cried and cried so much today when i watched the opening ceremony ,but i think i did it coz i was very moved, and i was truly inspired.

To actually think that i was so moved and touched that i actually waved at all the atheletes..that is truly getting moved...I get moved so less these days..this was so badly needed by me.

China managed to absolutely potray such a good image due to this ceremony that suddenly i am reminded that china is about tons of very poor people doing immense hardwork in all those factories not complaining a thing.Truly, there is corruption , pollution and human rights violation but i am hoping it will get better for all those hard working people who are so shielded from outside news.hugs to all hardworking chinese people.

The lighting of the olympic lamp was so spectacular indeed..Seriously!very creative, very well executed..That athelete is suspended in mid air and actually is running in mid air whao..seriously and then what a spectacular olympic torch lighting..the fireworks rocked ...spectacular..Chinese people are very creative..the most creative..I admit and say"I am not worthy"..111.0000 people? Is that how many there were in the stadium?Absolutely wonderful fireworks.
Wow,,What i learned is that.."We are all wridden by prejudices aren't we?The way China made sure It's olympics ceremony was the best ceremony ever,Seriously, just made me shed a lil bit of my own prejudice about things in general and made me embrace the fact that the world is one."

Love and hugs to everyone reading this.

***PHOTO SOURCE: Please visit the official website of Beijing olympics for more photos of the opening ceremony

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